Welcome! 6TH MATH 2018-2019

  1. HAPPY 2019!
  2. COMING UP: Tuesday, January 22nd---MID-YEAR EXAM  Facts: you will get a study guide; it counts as a 3rd quarter grade but not much (not even 6 points); it mostly serves as a criteria of who goes into ACC 7 math next year!  Just do your best! No worries.
  3. Thanks for being wonderful students ! 

You are entering an exciting dimension: a world of unexplored challenges and opportunities await 
you!  REMEMBER:  MATH is FUN!!!!!

Use this website to look at classwork,homework,and other essentials that may  have passed you by.

Grades are updated regularly and posted often. CHECK THEM OUT ON AERIES PORTAL.

You may even want to e-mail me with pertinent questions(jthomas@cv.k12.ca.us)

THANKS AN INFINITY!!!!!!    Ms. Thomas
1st quarter is here! Bring your bright minds and positive attitudes to class  EVERY day  if you can!!

Jo Boaler---isms on math:
EVERYONE can learn math at highest levels.
Questions are really important.
Math class is about learning, not performing.
Depth is more important than speed.
Math is about connections and communication.
MISTAKES make your brain grow!
Math is about CREATIVITY and making sense.
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