Volunteer Opportunities

Stanton Volunteers  

Make Our School Shine Even Brighter!


Stanton School is always in need of volunteers.  Volunteers work in the classroom and at school in many different ways. Volunteers can help prepare materials, make copies or put together homework packets. If you are interested in volunteering please look at the list below and check off any items that you feel comfortable doing in your child’s classroom. Be sure to fill out the Meghan’s Law and Confidentiality forms. Volunteering will start in October.  Please fill this form out and return as soon as possible.  Thank you!


___Read Keepbooks

(help with listening to students read and giving out new books)


____  Volunteer in the class

(help prep class materials)               


____ Library Helper

 (help walk students to and from the school library)


__­_ F.A.M.E. volunteer            

Fine Arts and Music Education   (training provided)


___ Science Parent    

(help with science lessons, which is once a month)

___ Computer Lab

(help monitor the students)

Name __________________________________________

Child’s name ______________________________________

Phone # and email _________________________________