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Grades have been updated, as of 8/17/19

If you are currently missing Week 1 assignments, there will NOT be a "late" penalty...but turn them in ASAP!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the Aeries app on your phone to check your grades, you will NOT see any missing work noted, just total weekly points. Please use the computer version if there are missing weekly points.

2019-20 PE Units:
Semester One--Volleyball (8/14-8/30); Soccer (9/3-9/20); Football (9/23-10/11); Team Handball (10/14-11/1); Ultimate (11/4-11/22); Basketball (12/2-12/20)
Semester Two--Dance (1/6-1/24); Street Hockey (1/21-2/14); Badminton (2/1-3/6); Track & Field (3/9-3/21); Fitness (4/1-5/1); Kickball/Softball (5/4-5/29) 


As of October 25, 2017, Athletic Clearance is ONLINE!  In order to try out or participate in a sport at Canyon, your parents/guardians need to set up an account, using the Online Athletic Clearance Instructions.

Flat Stanley loves the Canyon Mile! Everyone does, you know!

"With theatre, you have to be ready for anything."  --Willem Dafoe

Flat Stanley loves the Canyon Mile! Everyone does, you know!

"Every artist was once an amateur." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can find information about your PE and/or Drama class here. 
             I will try to update daily (but it may be every other day). 

Grades on Aeries will be updated (at minimum) once per week, generally on Friday or Saturday--these grades reflect daily and weekly progress, without the breakdown of individual assignments/activities. Please check with Ms Shoptaw about individual assignments.
Do you still need help opening your locker? You can check out this YouTube video, How to open (Your Locker) a combination lock (Please note: YouTube is blocked at school, so you'll have to watch the video at home or the library).

PLEASE NOTE: (PE Department Policy) If you bring a "note" excusing you from the Mile run on a Monday, you will need to make it up after school on the following Thursday.  We will have a PE teacher available to give you a make-up time. This does not include Doctor's notes (Medical excuses). (Ms. Shoptaw's class...You can also use this to make up a Monday absence!)  ALSO:  If you miss another day's rubric run (by note or absence) throughout the week, you will need to make it up (see the page "P.E. Make-up work and Extra Credit" on the left, for what you can do!)

The daily schedule at Canyon is as follows: 
Traditional days will be Monday and Friday. 
Condor Time Days will be Tuesday and Thursday. 
Collaboration days will be Wednesday (early release).

Be sure to email me if you have any questions!
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