¡Español es lo mejor!

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Mi horario
    La primera hora:    1a   Español I         First period is the orange class
    La segunda hora:   2a   Español I         Second period is the green class
    La tercera hora:     3a   Español III       Third period is the yellow class
    La quinta hora:       5a   Español III        Fifth period is the blue class
    La sexta hora:        6a   no tengo clase
    La sepitma hora:    7a   Español III       Seventh period is the red class

Las notas
    I update my grades regularly; however, due to the time it takes to review every grammatical requirement of the language on tests, writing assignments and other projects, please allow two weeks after a due date for a grade to be entered.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me.  I check email every day and am usually able to answer that evening, or during my prep the next morning.  

Para comunicarse conmigo:
      My email is gmacleod@cv.k12.ca.us