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Mars in a Minute

Mars in a Minute

Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

The Charles Darwin Game

Looking for the percent illumination of the moon?

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 The Earth, the Moon, and the Sun- Our current unit is all about how our planet relates to the two largest objects in the sky: The Moon and Our Sun.  

Over one lunar month more than half of the Moon's surface can be seen from the surface of the Earth.

Welcome to Science! 
Science is high tech, science is low tech, it's even middle tech.  Science is ALL-TECH!
Every student can do science!  Check here to see what is going on in class and for links to fun science articles and happenings.  The 8th grade links to the assignment calendar through google classroom.  To see more details of the assignment or to download links and attachments, log in to your district google account and explore through your class period's google classroom website. Not sure how to find your password for Google Classroom? It's in Aeries Parent Portal! click here to find out how to view and change your password

Here is our class syllabus

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