Mrs. Siefert- Language Arts 7

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7th grade Students

      You'll learn much about history and the world in which we live through reading, writing, listening, and speaking in my class. I can't wait 
to share with you all of our amazing stories and films that support our curriculum! 
     In preparation for eighth grade and high school, and in alignment with Common Core, we will start each day with silent reading.
 It will be your responsibility to bring a novel of your choice to class each day.  Please bring one you'll be sure to enjoy!
     Lastly for now,  please visit my HOMEWORK page for some additional important announcements. 

***Note: I do not accept assignments that were assigned more than two weeks prior.
Please check the parent portal frequently to see if you are missing work.   Thanks for your understanding.

I look forward to working with all of you,
                                                              Mrs. Siefert

P.S. for Parents: 
* Please encourage your child to come see me about issues that arise such as grades, absent work, or a conflict in the class 
before or after school.   That way I can give your child my full attention, which is often difficult to do in class.  If the problem is still 
not addressed satisfactorily, feel free to call me at 538-8833 (x6110), RATHER than emailing me. 
Thanks for your help!
 *Check out my Homework page for specific reminders and responsibilities.