Greetings! This is the 2019-2020 website for Mr. Bathke's classes at Canyon Middle School

7th Grade World History

7th Grade AVID Elective


How often do you give homework?

Typically I assign homework every night Monday through Thursday. I usually do not assign homework on weekends or over holidays, though students will occasionally have bigger projects (like posters or essays) that are assigned one week and due the next week. There are occasions where I do not assign homework during the week - please check my homework page to see what is currently assigned.

What is your late work policy?

I accept late work all the way up until the last day of the quarter. For example, if a student misses a homework assignment in the third week of a quarter, they can still turn it in 6-7 weeks later for credit. However, late work can only get a maximum of 75% credit. All late work should be placed in the "Late Work" basket in the front of the classroom.

What supplies are needed for class?

The following items are needed everyday:

  1. Pencil(s)
  2. Pen(s)
  3. Highlighter(s)
  4. Spiral notebook (please do NOT use a composition book!)
  5. Binder reminder
  6. Glue or tape
  7. A 3 ring binder (AVID ONLY)

In addition, the following items would be helpful (but not necessarily required):

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils
  • Large eraser(s)
  • Correction fluid (most often "White Out" brand, but any brand is fine)

How does the notebook work?

Approximately 90% of assignments that students complete are to be glued or taped into the notebook. At least once a week we will spend a few minutes in class organizing notebooks. At the end of a unit (approximately every 3-4 weeks) students will have their notebooks graded. The focus of notebook grading is based on effort - students who make a good-faith attempt at completing each assignment will receive full credit for their work.

For AVID, students will keep a 3 ring binder for all of their assignments in all classes. These binders will be checked and graded regularly for neatness, organization, and effectiveness as a learning resource.

What is GRAPES?

GRAPES stands for Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economy, and Society. It is a system for breaking down the different aspects of a civilization or nation. Students will be using the GRAPES analysis model often throughout the year (though World History uses it far more often than US History).

I was absent, what do I do?

When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to make it up!

  1. You can always check homework on this website from home. If you can, try to do work on the same day it is assigned. This will help keep you from falling behind and make things easier when you come back to school.
  2. When you come back to school, check the absent folders for the day(s) you were absent. If you can't find any work, then you should ask me - this likely means that I need you to come talk to me to complete the work.
  3. You will get plenty of time to make up assignments when you come back. Typically you get one school day for each day missed.
  4. You are responsible for making up ALL work missed while you were absent. Please see me if you have questions about this.

Do you have a form with all the necessary info for your class?

Yes! You can find a digital copy of my class syllabus here.