Welcome to my website.  I am super excited to have you (or your child) in my class this year.  Life is the focus of 7th grade science and it's my specialty.  I have a lot of interesting activities planned to help students understand the main topics I have to teach this year.  Please familiarize yourself with my class policies.  Feel free to email me (if you are able) with any questions you may have.  It is ABSOLUTELY the best way to contact me.                       krikkers@calaveras.k12.ca.us   or    krikkers@custudents.net

Need extra help, time to get caught up with make up work, or just a quiet place to hang out or study? Come into my room on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at lunch.  ***Anytime you turn in an assignment and you aren't done with it, come in at lunch on Tuesday/Wednesday of the VERY next week and finish it up.  No points gone, no questions asked.  BUT, if you don't turn it in, or you come in two weeks later, the grade you earned stays as is.  

 ABSENCES:  Kids MUST come in at lunch or break on Tuesday/Wednesday to make up any missed work.  I expect to see them in my room the next Tues/Wed after they return to school.  Kids will NOT be allowed to make up missed work 2 weeks past any absence.  Their score will remain a zero if they do not come in at lunch.  (Our lunch is 40 minutes long, they can sacrifice some friend time to keep their grade up.)  

Supplies students will need in science everyday:  a writing utensil (pen or pencil), binder paper, and a "Science Notebook."  The "Science Notebook" is a folder or file in a binder devoted ONLY to science.  Those students who don't have folders can see me to get one.