Countdown to Science Camp!!!!!

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Last Trimester News


1.    Science Camp:  Science Camp is right around the corner.  If you still have medication forms that need to be completed by a physician, they need to be completed ASAP, for we have already sent these to the camp.  (Please find a teacher the morning of departure and hand them these medications.)

·         Medication needs to be in  labeled zip-lock bag

·         Electronics for the bus will also need to be in a labeled zip-lock bag

·         Extra Copies of the packing list can be found on http://missionspringsoe.com/public-private-schools/forms-manuals

·         Tuesday, May 2nd we will meet and leave from the Good Samaritan Church on Baldwin at 7:45 a.m.

·         We highly suggest that the sleeping bag and pillow be placed in a LARGE LABELED TRASH BAG, for we are going to use the bus storage compartments for luggage in addition to one utility trailer.

·         Friday, May 5th, we will return to Jenny Lind Elementary around 4:00 p.m.- this time depends greatly on traffic.  Your child will have their phones at this point and updates will come through your children.  There is no supervision on campus the day of arrival.  It is crucial that you have made arrangements to  pick up your child. 

·         A sack lunch is needed for Tuesday.  If you marked to have a school lunch, we will take care of those.


2.    End of the Year Incentive: Bouncin’ Bins

June 7th- Wednesday  9:30-1:30 p.m.

Cost $17.00 minimum donation per child.  This will only cover the rentals which is roughly $1500.  We have raised roughly $290 (that is 75% of the money raised) from our T-Shirt sales towards this cost.  At this point, there has not been an interest in a fundraiser to cover the additional cost of the rentals, thus there is a $15 donation.  In the past, we have ordered based on monies received.  We will order what we can based on the funds that are provided from families. 


In addition, we will need: THIS WILL BE SENT HOME AGAIN

- hot dogs and hot dog buns (enough for 2 per person-180)

- drinks:  cans of soda, water bottles or juice boxes (we want to keep them individualized)

- ice and ice chests (4 large ones)

- chips, several bags and flavors

- finger food desserts (cookies or brownies)

- watermelon or fruit salad

- plates and napkins (heavy duty plates, please)

- easy ups

- parent helpers for set up, clean up, and supervision   Also, 1 BBQ and BBQer (won’t be possible without one)


Please make sure you bring a labeled towel to lounge on and wear sunscreen.  Flip Flops are ok on this day.  Students may also bring balls, Frisbees, and/or outdoor activities.  If anyone has a portable speaker we can borrow, we can play music too. 


3.    C.C.S.S. (State Testing) will begin the week after we return from Science Camp. 


4.    Our end of the year Trimester Awards Ceremony is also this day from 7:45 a.m.- 8:45ish.  (Alpha Society, Reading Awards, Perfect Attendance, Homework Awards, ETC.)  June 7th


5.   The last Cougar Rally for June SOTM is Thursday, June 8th.  This is also the  last day of school!



Please remember that to be eligible for the end of the year events and incentives students need to make sure that they are giving their very best each and every day! 

This includes homework completion, Reading Counts Points (60), and behavior infractionsJ  Students MUST meet this criteria.  

6th Grade

Science Camp-2017-Mission Springs-May 2nd – May 5th  

IMPORTANT- Please read carefully


*Please be at Good Samaritan Church on Tuesday morning, May 2nd  at 7:45 a.m.  This will give us time to load the bus and our luggage.  We must leave no later than 8:15; we cannot wait for late students.  The camp is roughly 3 hours away.  We should arrive at Mission Springs around 1 p.m., this includes a lunch stop at Sky Park in Scotts Valley. 

PLEASE PROVIDE A SACK LUNCH FOR THIS DAY!  Students needing a school sack lunch will need to let us know soon via the permission slip form. 


*We need one or two volunteer drivers with a trailer to haul our luggage to and from camp.  Trailers have been stored at camp, if needed.  The trailer is a must.  There is not enough space on the bus for the luggage for 90+ people.  Please let us know as soon as possible, if you are able to help with this. 


*Science camp packets are due, Monday, March 6th.  The camp needs adequate time to review paperwork and reserve space for our school.  If your child is not attending science camp, please send a note informing your teacher. 


*Please review your child’s packing list carefully.  This list is included in your informational packet.  Our last day will be a beach day, students will be asked to pack spare clothing in their backpacks for a dry ride home.  Keep this packing list in a safe spot for future reference.  You can also access this information on their website.


*Students are limited to a sleeping bag, pillow and one suitcase.  Please pack a few pairs of extra socks in case it is raining while we are there.  Electronics are ONLY allowed on the bus ride to and from.  Electronics must be sent in a labeled ziplock bag.  They will be collected when getting off the bus at camp and will be distributed to students on the bus ride home.  Electronics are not allowed at the camp. 


*Students will return to Jenny Lind Elementary on Friday at around 4:00 p.m.  We plan on leaving the beach at roughly 12:30 p.m. on Friday.


*School rules need to be followed at Science Camp.  The camp will also have guidelines and rules to follow.  Please read your informational packet carefully.  We want everyone to have an enjoyable, but safe time.  Please tell your child to use their best judgment at all times.  Parents and administration will be notified if necessary.  Please note that science camp is a privilege and must be earned by all students. 


*All medications must be sent in a labeled Ziploc bag with correct dosages.  If your child has medication at JLE please let us know so we can get the medication from the office.  All medication (even Tylenol, allergy medicine, etc.) must be documented on the science camp packet.  This doctor’s release is imperative; no other medications can be sent without this documentation.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to ANY medications over the counter or prescribed.  There is a strict protocol that we must follow. 


*If you would like to send mail to your child:  (You may wish to send them out a little early in order for them to be delivered during our stay)


Mission Springs Outdoor Education

1050 Lockhart Gulch Road

Scotts Valley, CA 95066


Thank you, 6th Grade Teachers