ELA & ELD Curriculum Materials Available for Public Review


At the direction of the school board, district staff have been reviewing English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum materials to adopt.  After having materials available for staff review, hearing presentations from publisher representatives and examining the materials, staff are recommending CUSD adopt McGraw-Hill’s Wonders for TK-5th grade and Study Sync for 6th-12th grade.  For those students learning English as a second language, staff are recommending CUSD adopt Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s English 3D.  Sample materials are available for public review in the IMC.  Questions or comments can be shared with Jeff Crane, Director of Educational Services.  He is available by phone at 209-754-2333 or by email at jcrane@calaveras.k12.ca.us.  Our current plan is to recommend the board adopt these materials at their April 23 meeting.