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Calaveras Unified School District
P.O Box 788 - 3304 Highway 12
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-2300
Fax (209) 754-2215

Please contact any of our local legislators to advocate for CUSD in the areas of adequate funding for all students.
(General education and Special education)

Congressman Tom McClintock
(202) 225-2511
email Congressman McClintock

Assembly Member Frank Bigelow

(916) 319-2005

Assembly Member Tom Berryhill

(916) 651-4008

CUSD Make Up Days
(Updates and Clarifications)
Four make up days:
December 18th and 19th
Early Release Days
Classes running from:  
8:30am to 1:25pm 
The only schools open for instruction will be:
Toyon Middle School
Calaveras High School
Sierra Hills Education Center
Gold Strike High School
(Elementary students are not to attend school on these two days.)
January 4th and 5th
All CUSD schools will be open for instruction.

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Analysis of CUSD Budget
Budget Review

     The Budget Review involved a detailed examination of the 2015-16 Unaudited Actuals report, the 2016-17 Adopted Budget, and the 2016-17 First Interim budget report. This included a review of the District’s multiyear projection (MYP) submitted with the 2016-17 First Interim budget report.

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