All employers like to see clear and concise CV's. Try to keep your CV focused to the job you are going for. If you are a sales person, demonstrate your sales success, clearly state your record. If you are working in management ensure you highlight the breadth of your responsibilities, budgets, team numbers under your authority, reporting structure.

Make sure your CV stands out from the crowd but for the right reasons!

CV Layout

Make sure all relevant information can be seen quickly and makes the reader want to read more.

Garish colours and strange fonts!

Whilst visually stimulating you don't want the reader to get a headache. Stick to nice simple and legible fonts.

Personal Profile

Use a profile to entice the reader to want to know more. Outline your work achievements, your CV is primarily work focused.

Contact Details

Make sure you clearly state all your contact details and even the best times to contact you. Make yourself reachable!

CV Length

No one wants to have to search for relevant information. Aim for two pages only!


Ensure your CV is chronologically correct and any gaps in employment or education are clearly explained. Include month of start/finish dates not just the year.

Academic Achievements

If you are educated to degree level, do you need to state your GCSE results? Keep it relevant to the core business skills employers look for: English & Maths?

Provable Skills

If you state on your CV you worked in sales, then an employer will want some evidence of this. State your skills in a factual way.