Chapter 12 CxC Matrix Benefits Use

Executive Management


Information Technology & Systems Management


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Customer Service



Your Company Needs a Customer Playbook

The CxC Matrix defines the marketing, communications roles for managing customers across the entire customer life cycle for each corporate department and business function.

The CxC Matrix framework, combined with the CxC Matrix Treatment Map and message libraries comprise your company’s playbook, which describes how the company will achieve its mission, strategy, and objectives executed in each contact and monitored through CxC Matrix reports.

Managing hundreds to thousands of dynamically changing contacts without a cohesive, corporate-wide structure and playbook dooms a company to:

  • Overspend on under-performing contacts and issues,
  • Under-fund highest return opportunities,
  • Waste customer and company time and money repeating broken steps,
  • Overpay for new business, excessive cost of sales, and
  • Create highly inaccurate forecasting.

Now let’s take a look at the specific ways your company might use and benefit from the CxC Matrix.

  • The new marketing
  • Customer contact management across departments
  • Your company needs a playbook
  • Executive Management


Visualizing and Managing Customer Centricity

Fixing the Disconnect Between Strategy and Activity

Transparency from Decisions to Effects

Innovation and Leadership

Budget Allocation

Executive Management CxC Matrix Deliverables