It’s time for businesses to compensate customers for the time they waste. monetizes customer relationships from the customer’s perspective. Customers simply enter the business name, the amount of their time wasted, and a fair customer wage per hour at The customer may choose to fill out more details about their grievance, the company’s errors, additional damages, suggested solutions, and tips for other customers to avoid problems.’s ultimate goal is customer experience improvement.

The site calculates the dollar equivalent of the time the customer invested in the company and creates a receipt. This receipt is then sent to the offending company and recorded and reported in the web site.

Monetizing the customer time that companies waste should bring attention to the greatest business offenders, while also providing a means for customers to suggest to companies how they can improve their processes. hopes to create a dialogue between customers and businesses in order to help companies resolve systemic problems and identify, monetize, analyze, and repair customer complaints as a result of broken customer processes.

The site will also highlight worst offending companies, as well as feature news about companies that are rectifying issues and making customer time a priority.

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