Customer Worthy Reviews


"Hoffman's Customer Worthy provides an intuitive approach and methodology to focus on why we are in business.......our customers!"

Richard C. McMahon
Chief Strategy Officer & Corporate Operations
Bed Bath & Beyond 


"The customer is the real boss.  

Michael Hoffman understands that and offers practical and implementable solutions for aligning company strategies with customer needs and executing with excellence. 

A must read for any company that wants to win and make the real boss happy."
Paul DeMarco
Senior Director, Global Portfolio Management and R&D Business Process
Johnson & Johnson
Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide


"The CxC Matrix quickly and simply exposes a vast amount of customer opportunities that often go uncovered... 

The key element here is using the CxC Matrix as a tool to make sense of a cluttered multi-channel world which becomes even more critical in today's world of social networking, mobile and user-managed channels." 

Amit Shankardass

Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer

Sitel Corp



"The CxC Matrix provides the next generation of customer performance measurement and resolves the time and expertise gaps between analysis, decision making and execution. 

Hoffman shows, not just talks about, how continuous improvement really works."


Weimin Hu 

Vice President, Decision Science

E*Trade Financial


Customer Worthy is a step by step guide to align customers and company expectations. 

Hoffman does a brilliant job presenting a framework for every company and most importantly, every individual, to gain better customer understanding.

Scott Olrich 

Chief Marketing Officer 


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