CxC Matrix - Customer Experience Matrix

CxC Matrix:  Industry Standard Customer Experience Mapping  Measurement Management

The CxC Matrix exposes all a company's contact points with its customers and stakeholders. As a management tool, the CxC Matirx connects customer performance to a company's brand, processes, systems, people, actions, messages, resources, and tasks.

Company's Greatest Under Performing Asset: Customer Experience

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What will the marketing department look like in the future?

posted May 4, 2010, 3:04 PM by Michael R Hoffman

A. Is the answer in the question?
B. Does part of the answer come from where the question appeared?
C. Is the answer buried in the 75 comments?
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
F. Does anybody care about marketing?

This simple question  from from Anders Wilen a consultant from Stockholm, Sweden posted on the business professionals social networking site LinkedIn Group named "Chief Marketing Officer  (CMO) Network" spawned 75 comments from more than 10 countries, across industries, various company sizes and job functions. 

Answer: F Does anybody really care about Marketing or does anybody really care for or take care of marketing? 
If you ask customers if hey care they will say, "What is marketing?" Followed by "No, we don't care. "

But they do care and should care because marketing connects companies to customers; marketers represent customer segments, customer needs, customer values within the company. 

The chart below summarizes all the customer contact points across the customer life cycle and correlates customer satisfaction to the contacts where customers' expectations are set and promises are made.

The following chart connects the same contact points to a companies internal departments. So while traditional marketing responsibility is confined to the first four customer life cycle stages, thanks to operational transparency, multi-sourced services, outsourcing, the Web and more open commercial networks, customers have access across all channels and stages. 

All the channels and all the departments have become 'customer facing' and require some infusion of brand, message and customer management.

Marketing as a discipline, must continue to serve the role of being the eyes, ears and mouth of the company in order to craft better  and better solutions and must be more tightly woven into the fabric of every department's decision making. 

It is unrealistic to believe that the marketing department should expand to execute every message in every contact (here - contact also includes using the product or service) or that marketing resources can expand linearly with the number of channels, messages and community participants.

So what will the marketing department look like? 

For every company it will look different but Marketing will be responsible for generating optimum return at every contact in the CxC Matrix above using a mix of creativity, innovation, technology and analytics.

Your thoughts?

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