Can You See Customers Smiling in Big Data Cloud

posted Jul 12, 2012, 12:39 PM by Michael R Hoffman   [ updated Jul 12, 2012, 12:49 PM ]
"Big Data" is the current buzz word in technology and analytics circles - being one of CIO's top issues on Gartner's 2012 technology forecast and frankly, coming up in every discussion I have with business and IT managers. 

Big Data is simply - all data - the promise that all data is now available for exploration and use in applications - this includes all the data in your company in its most granular form and includes voice, photos, data about data and data about end users, customers, third parties... now connect all your internal data to this  set of open linkable  data now add everyone's 'soon' to be digitized health and medical records, communication records and life cycle information (a quick derivative of all of the above in the customer's/individual's context) and you get an emergingly comprehensive view of everything.

Why is Big Data Such a Big Deal for Customer Experience?
This is the question I am literally asked every day - and also the question I research everyday (as big data technologies, tools and architectures evolve daily too).  The big deal is the customer. 

Big Data provides unprecedented visibility into the entire customer experience, linking customers to location, lifestyle routines, other customers, associates and friends, other products, partners, networks - like big data promises - everything can now be linked for analysis, observation and reporting but more importantly for predicting, innovating and creating additional value and revenue streams. 

With access to all a customer's data, a view of the customer's digital self embedded in a network of electronic interactions represented as bytes strewn across networks, devices, systems and applications - all this data can be assembled to see whether your customers, prospects, friends and stakeholders are smiling or frowning or even paying attention to you.

The CxC Customer Experience Matrix is designed with big data in mind. The CxC Matrix is a framework for extracting the value from Big Data by assembling data to best depict the customer life cycle, from interest to purchase to service to social - so you can see when your customer is smiling or not - and soon you will be able to predict when customer might smile, frown, grow or leave or even refer a friend.