Customer Worthy MBA - 25 Customer Learning Experiences

The Customer Worthy MBA - 25 customer experiences to make you a better manager

Use the CxC Matrix to chart, grade and record each of stage and channel for each of these experiences. Keep a journal, taking notes about your expectations, ease, difficulty, satisfaction and dissatisfaction for every contact, stage, and channel. Note what you would do differently to improve the experience. Note where the company could have made more money, over spent, missed cross-sell, up-sell, partner and service opportunities.

1.    Send a letter to your bank asking for an explanation of the interest calculation on your money market checking account. Ask, “How much will $10,000 be worth after two years?” Send an email asking the same question.

2.    Send a letter, email, and phone your wireless provider asking how to lower your monthly bill and get better service. 

3.    Write a letter to your energy company (gas or electricity) asking it to please lower your monthly bill.

4.    Send flowers to yourself from and Note the differences in each stage in each channel using the Matrix. Try by phone too.

5.    Subscribe to WineLibrary. Buy two bottles, and return one. (Enjoy the other.)

6.    Write and submit a product review on Amazon.

7.    Join LinkedIn, and write a recommendation for 2 coworkers.

8.    Open a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Google account. Then cancel each account.

9.    Go on a car scavenger hunt, shopping at: Mercedes, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Ford,, and Edmunds. First, shop online for a vehicle in the same size and color as what you currently drive. Then, visit each dealership, take a test drive, and get the lowest price.

10.  Shop for a copy of Microsoft Office software online, and try to get the best price and the shortest delivery time. Bonus points for using online chat. Note the delivery cost, shipping cost, taxes, and version variations.

11.  Visit, register, and join Gevalia Coffee Club. After you get the free coffee stuff, quit, and keep track of your email and mail offers/follow-up. Try to do the same thing at Starbucks online.

12.  Sell something on eBay, buy something on eBay, and bid for something and win it on eBay.

13.  Set up and use Google Adwords for two months.

14.  Make and post a YouTube video. Send the link to three people you know.

15.  Become a Microsoft partner. Complete the form at

16.  Become a Salesforce Partner at

17.  Become an Oracle Partner at

18.  Become a WebTrends Reseller at

19.  Host a gathering for people you don’t know using LinkedIn and/or a temporary Google website. Offer to buy appetizers for the event, come up with a subject, follow up with a thank you, post pictures and video on Facebook and YouTube, and link to your invite web page.

20.  Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles for one hour when they open. Then, go to the local library and Then, return to the DMV.

21.  Sponsor a child at WorldVision.

22.  Shop for a trip to Orlando using Travelocity, Priceline (name your own price—$25, really!),, HomeAway, Expedia, Hotwire  and VRBO.

23.  Then, go to Orlando and visit Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Gatorland. For a bonus, take someone in a wheelchair to add perspective.

24.  Spend eight hours shopping on New York’s Fifth Avenue, three hours in the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, New Jersey, 30 minutes at Costco, 30 minutes at Walmart, 30 minutes at Petco , and 30 minutes at Staples. Join the loyalty program for each one online after your visit.

25.  Write a press release, and post it at html or some other free press release website.