9 Objectives Per Customer Contact

9 Objectives Per Customer Contact for Customer Experience Management

Nine Treatment Objectives for Each Contact

Every customer contact should strive to achieve the following nine objectives:

1. Identify Customer: “Repeat Customer,” “First Time Customer,” or “Anonymous”

2. Recognize Customer: connect customer’s history, preferences, values

3. Fulfill: meet customer’s original purpose for this contact 

4. Upgrade: motivate customer to upgrade current product or service

5. Cross-sell: another product, service, or partner’s service

6. Expand: invite customer to graduate to higher customer tier, i.e., loyalty program, newsletter/email sign-up, event invite, complete “my profile”

7. Educate: teach customer about the company, available channels, special interests, best practices, or how to use its products 

8. Collect: data about the customer and experience, survey, Net Promoter Score

9. Generate Referrals: leverage the customer relationship to gather names of prospects

You should evaluate how well each contact meets a standard set of treatment
objectives. This can identify opportunities for improvement and find
misalignments between customer needs and actual treatments, as well as
identify the contacts with the greatest potential for improvement.

Customer Worthy's CxC Matrix isolates each customer contact enabling this level of analysis for use by marketing, sales, technology and third party partners.