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Legalizing Electric Glyders - A different type of electric scooter

posted Jul 28, 2014, 2:34 PM by Michael Braun   [ updated Jul 29, 2014, 10:08 AM ]
Join me in my quest to legalize electric glyders. 

LHP Story 
    Excuse to go outside with kids 
    Take them to school was a sad affair until we started taking the scooter then it became the best part or our day.          People would look at us funny at first.  But soon others started to join in...
    And others.... 
    Started visiting friends house, then the parks
    The Police and the community accepted ..people would beep and wave as we go buy...and electric scooters became part of everyday life.  

I spent the last 3 years developing a scooter that would be perfect for this lifestyle.  I call it an electric glyder. It may sound crazy but I and others have found having your kids sitting down or standing in front of us is the safest way to cruise around as you both can see what is going on and squeezing them in between your knees when stopping would keep them safe.  

#1. Policing the kids when playing on the street.  Looking for cars driving up and warn kids or the cars to slow down. Kids on bikes, or their electric car, skate board, roller blades.  

#2. Enjoyable way to spend time just cruising around while we talk sing and explore.

#3. Driving kids to school...

#4. Holidays Holloween, Christmas with music looking at lights, Trips to the store,pick up pizza, pick flowers, hunt squirrels,  enjoy the sunset,  dry our hair after a bath, sing,  cat watching, breakfast, to boat rides,  driving range, to the pool, to tennis, the beach,  

3 years engineering a light high performance electric scooter that people will accept. Now it's time for us to request that they be legal.   Current laws separate electric bicycles and require pedals to be legal.   We need to get rid of the pedals and push for change in these laws.  

Electric Glyder or similar electric style scooter.
    Quiet - safety  
    Low seat 
    Max speed limits for children 12 mph
    Max speed limit for adults 20 mph
    Children up to 13 years old require adult with them 
    Helmets required up to 13 years old 
    Lots of lights 

Areas of danger
    Parking lots 
    Hidden driveways
    Location devices 
    Parents can monitor
    Regional switches - disables by phone or via distance from home
    Sidewalk button - 
    Speed/torque controls 

Safe why - 
    Low center of gravity and low seat for balance. 
        Easy to get on and off 
        Carrying kids - show bike baby seat get on and off, slow speed, 
            Squeeze between knees if the need to stop
            Jump of / stand up use arms to   
        Walk/shuffle at slow speeds
    Accurate throttle - low speed balance 
    Easier to get across and intersection - instead of walking a bike - shuffle  
    Park on their side - wont fall over, or take off
    Thumb throttle instead of twist grip 
    Slow speed course
    Stay behind adult entering intersections
    Pedestrians and crowded environments

Why is this the case? 
No clear definition of the different types of electric scooters.
There has not been a viable option until now
    Good Range
    Design that is cool
Unfamiliar with technology
    Old vs new
    Electric range
Unfamiliar with usefulness
    Carry things on base ect. 
No one is fighting for their acceptance.
    Join our petition to get Glyder electric scooters accepted like electric bikes