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A record number of Electric Scooters at Circle F Camp Site this year!

posted Nov 7, 2014, 3:36 PM by Michael Braun   [ updated Nov 25, 2014, 1:26 PM ]

The girls and I had a great time with the Creek Tribe Indian Princess group this weekend.  The destination was Circle F Dude Ranch http://circlefduderanchcamp.com/.  Three years ago Tony, Roy and I introduced electric scooters to the Creek tribe and ever since they have become a highlight of our trips and are always mentioned in our meetings when the girls talk about the things they have done with their dads.  The number of electric scooters is multiplying every year and it's great to see the connection the fathers make with their daughters as we go on adventures around the site. 

This site has dirt roads around it and gets sandy in places so you have to be careful and learn how to ride around or through some of the soft spots. Everyone learns quickly and takes it slow when they have to.  Some of the new riders plow through the sand and have to jump from the scooters and walk or drag them through these spots.  The limited speed of the electric scooters it keeps everything safe. You don't have to go fast to have fun scooting! 

The Creek Tribe's camp site is filled with electric scooters.  Most of which are being charged.  Slowly but surely most of the guys are starting to make the switch to Lithium batteries so they can cruise around rather than spend most or the time being plugged in.  The Ohio State LHP Glyder that my daughter used at the campout has the original lithium iron phosphate batteries that I purchased when I started designing scooters 3 years ago.  It's has tons of miles on it and it still performs like new, charges quickly and last a long time time.  

Had to share this alligator seat. A new scooter dad customized it.  It's made from real alligator hide and the seat is made from the snout of the gator. 

My daughter Quinn and her friend Karina on our our sunset cruise.  We went out to check out the camp site, feed the horses and go visit some friends.  

Mark Viau "The pool guy" with his daughter Mia. 

Roy Manke is our our money man!  These guys were on their way to the horses. So we joined in.  

Make sure you hold your hand flat when feeding the horses! 

Mike Handyside making use of his scooter to cary the tent back from the beach.