Next build: Early December 2015

Qty being made: 5 

I am planning on building 5-6 scooters the first week in December.  If you are interested send an email or call/text to my cell (212) 444-8094. I am requesting a deposit of $495.00 to secure a spot and an additional $495 when I start and it takes about 4-8 weeks.

Pricing fluctuates depending on your needs.  The base model shown below is good for my uses.   I am 6'2" about 190lbs. and I use it in a flat area.  The range with these conditions using a 48Volt 10Amp Hour battery is about 2 hours of continuos use going full throttle at 18 mph.  I do a lot of camping and take the kids everywhere.  You generally will charge once a day for a couple of hours and have all day use.  

 Charging time ranges depending on the amp output of the battery and when parked you keep the scooter plugged in.  The base uses a 3 amp charger which charges the batteries in 4-6 hours.   Lithium batteries used in LHP scooters have a 2000 cycle lifetime.  Batteries used are the same as used in Tesla electric cars and you can expect the same lifespan and charge times.  

LHP Scooter base model $2,395.00 Ea.
Deposit: $1,000.00 


Base model
  • Speed: Custom: 12mph (most powerful) to 20mph 
  • Hub motor rear 
  • 48V 1000 Watt controller 
  • 48V 10ah LifePo4 Battery (max range 12-15 miles)
  • Removable handlebar front wheel assembly
  • Includes 5amp charger (2-4 hour charge time)

Upgrades - add to base price

  • 48V 2000 Watt controller $ 165.00
  • 12 Volt outlet for lights, amp, phone charger $ 180.00
  • Lights strip $45.00 / Front integral lights $45 / CRE small strip lights $19.95 ea. 
  • 48V 15ah (Headway cells) $ 495.00 (max range 20-30 miles)
  • Sound system $ 550.00 (only available with 48V 10ah battery)
  • Custom top $75 per hour (design and manufacturing time) For 300lbs and above the following is suggested. 
  • 48V 15ah (Headway cells) $ 495.00 
  • Carbon fiber reinforced base $ 495.00
  • Hub motor front wheel w/separate controller $ 525.00 (Steering assembly will not be detachable)
  • Fiberglass seat w/bigger reinforced seat post $ 329.00