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Middle School Lessons Rome

  • Cheryl Davis of Acalanes Union High School District in Lafayette, California for her lesson, Roman Holiday with the Ancients
  • Ingrid Gustafson and Carol Alcusky of Sarah Gibbons Middle School in Westborough, Massachusetts for their lesson, The Roman Record

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  1. Search panel - Use this to find places and directions and manage search results. Google Earth EC may display additional tabs here.
  2. Overview map - Use this for an additional perspective of the Earth.
  3. Hide/Show sidebar - Click this to conceal or the display the side bar (Search, Places and Layers panels).
  4. Placemark - Click this to add a placemark for a location.
  5. Polygon - Click this to add a polygon.
  6. Path - Click this to add a path (line or lines).
  7. Image Overlay - Click this to add an image overlay on the Earth.
  8. Measure - Click this to measure a distance or area size.
  9. Sun - Click this to display sunlight across the landscape.
  10. Sky - Click this to view stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Earth's moon.
  11. Email - Click this to email a view or image.
  12. Print - Click this to print the current view of the Earth.
  13. Show in Google Maps - Click this to show the current view in Google Maps in your web browser.
  14. Navigation controls - Use these to zoom, look and move around (see below).
  15. Layers panel - Use this to display points of interest.
  16. Places panel - Use this to locate, save, organize and revisit placemarks.
  17. Add Content - Click this to import exciting content from the KML Gallery
  18. 3D Viewer - View the globe and its terrain in this window.
  19. Status bar - View coordinate, elevation, imagery date and streaming status here.

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