Room 22's HW Program
1) Daily Reading (15-20min) -- No Reading Log required
2) Weekly Sharing -- Starts the week of 9/23. More info to come!
3) Unfinished Class Work -- Sent home in Green Folders
4) Raz Kids (Optional) -- More info to come!

You may be wondering why there is such little homework in first grade. Recent studies have shown that homework may have necessarily have a positive impact on a child's learning. Often times, homework can cause a great amount of pressure and stress, possibly creating a negative attitude towards school. In fact, the recommendation for homework in elementary schools is 10minutes per grade. Including Kindergarten, that comes out to 20minutes for 1st grade.

Our first grade team feels that getting physical activity, being creative, and spending more time as a family is more valuable than just "busy work."  Instead of just giving pages and pages of work, try assigning your child a set of chores to do at home, based on his/her capability and maturity level.  Give them a sense of ownership and encourage them to do things independently :) You'd be surprised at how much they love to help!

Extra Ideas for HW
1. Count money & make change
2. Cook, measure & clean up
3. Games with words and/or numbers
4. Puzzles
5. Arts & crafts
6. Practice math facts
7. Measure objects & distances
The ideas are endless! :)