What is the best way to reach you?
The best and fastest way to reach me is through email. Upon receiving your email, I will try to respond within 24 hours. If you call the school, it will go straight to voicemail and I will not check it until class is dismissed.

What should I do if I have a question regarding regarding my child's academics?
If there is something you would like to discuss, you will need to schedule an appointment.  I am usually available for a few minutes after school so you can feel free to ask me then.  However, if it is a question that I feel requires more time to answer, then I may request that you schedule an appointment. Please DO NOT ask questions about your child at the start of school. Quick questions are fine, but those regarding progress, curriculum, or behavior will need to wait.

What should I do if my child is sick or will be absent?
If your child will be absent for any part of the day for any reason, please let me know.  You will also need to notify the office of this absence as well. If your child has an appointment, you MUST sign your child out in the office first before coming to pick him/her up.

Can I come to school to bring my child's lunch?
If you need to bring clothing, water bottles, or lunches please drop these items off in the office rather than coming to the classroom.  The office will send someone to bring any dropped-off items to their appropriate classes.

When do the Green Folders need to be returned?
Green Folders go home every Thursday and should be returned  by the following Monday.  If you are unable to go through all the papers, please keep them at home, but still send the folder back. If there are any forms or papers that need to be returned, you may place them in the green folder and I will collect them.

What should I do if my child is missing a personal item?
If your child has lost or misplaced any personal items, you may check the classroom immediately after school or wait until the next day. There is also a Lost & Found located by the office that you can check.  Please make sure you ask your child first where items may have been lost as he/she will know better than I will.  Also, please stress the importance of demonstrating responsibility and accountability both at home and at school. All personal items should be labeled.

What should I do if my child needs to be picked up early?
You child may NOT for any reason, be picked up from school without first notifying the office. If your child needs to leave school early, you MUST report to the office first. The secretary will then ask me to send the child up with his/her belongings. Even if your child is returning to school from an appointment, the same policy applies.  DO NOT come straight to the classroom and expect your child to be released if it has not been cleared with the office beforehand.  Please understand that your child's safety is my top concern. Following this policy will help to eliminate any worry, panic, and confusion.

How does hot lunch work?
If your child is having a hot lunch, please make sure that there is adequate money in your child's account.  Each student is assigned a hot lunch number at the beginning of the year. At lunch, your child will enter in that number on a keypad and then receive his/her hot lunch.  If there is a negative balance, your child will receive a blue payment envelope to be brought home and returned to either the classroom or the office. Vegetarian options are available daily.  Monthly lunch menus can be obtained in the school office.
*To avoid any confusion, please make sure your child knows whether he/she is supposed to have a hot lunch or a packed lunch.