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During May, our enrichment work will support our last science unit on Environments. In preparation for our field trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium on Thursday, 5/16, students looked at the different organisms that live in the Monterey Bay. By creating food webs, students can understand the feeding relationships and competitions in a Monterey Bay food web. Also, students visited the aquarium website to learn about some of the exhibits and animals that we will see. Finally, students will observe and dissect a barn owl's pellet to look at what food an owl has consumed.

During March & April, students will be furthering their knowledge about the gold rush by participating in a very exciting gold rush simulation.. Students will form mining teams and their goal is to be the team with the most gold nuggets! Students can earn gold for their team by doing well on quizzes, worksheets, the daily miner's log, as well as answering questions during the mining rounds.

During December, January, and February, we will work through our second science unit on Electricity and Magnetism. First up is Investigation 1: The Force. Why do magnets attract and repel? How do you detect a magnetic field? After that is Investigation 2: Making Connections. What do you need to make a light bulb light? How does energy flow in a simple circuit? How do you make series and parallel circuits?

During November, students will be learning about Digital Citizenship using 3 lessons from Common Sense Media. Students will explore questions like:
  • What information about you is OK to share online?
  • What makes a healthy media choice?
  • How does our online activity affect the digital footprint of ourselves and others?

During October, students will be working on science. Specifically, students are doing "Investigation 2", which is observing 4 real minerals using several different properties such as color, texture, and streak color.

During September in Ms. Che's enrichment class, students will be working on social studies. Unit 1 is about latitude, longitude, and finding places on earth. The California map project will help students practice their map skills. The project is due on Wednesday, 9/26.