Welcome to Mrs. Westgate's website!  Please browse the site for more information about our class! If you have questions my email is: westgate_elizabeth@cusdk8.org


We are a flexible seating classroom!  
When you step into our classroom, you may notice  that it looks different than many other classrooms you have seen.  In our classroom, we are using flexible seating. That means that every child does not have a traditional desk and chair. The students will, learn about and be guided through, trying out the different options in our classroom and determining where they work best. They will be able to evaluate the choices available in order to choose the best spot for them to complete the task they are being asked to complete.

Does this mean desks are bad? No way! Does this mean you will not see desks in our classroom? Again, that's a no. There will be desks available in our room for any student who chooses that option. I also reserve the right to choose a new option for any student who shows me that they need a bit more structure (or less choice).

So what options will students have? Thanks in a big part to Ms. Carmen our custodian for helping me move furniture, Donors Choose, and the many things I have purchased myself, we will have many options available in our room this year!

* scoop rockers

* standing desks

* lap desks

* a low table for sitting on the floor

* a low table with small stools

* desks with chairs

* clipboards for sitting / laying on the floor

* wobble stools

* bouncy bands

* yoga balls

* stability disks

* floor cushions

Students are permitted to move (most) choices in order to better work with a partner / group or to move to an area by themselves. This year will be about choices and getting to know more about themselves and how they learn.

I'm very excited about this exciting adventure, but I totally understand if you have questions! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  It is extremely important to me that we have open and honest communication throughout the school year! Please do not ever hesitate to contact me.