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This page will feature some updates and published projects and work throughout the school year!

In May, we had a visit from Ancient Artifacts and got to hold artifacts from Greece, 2,500 years ago!

Book Creator Textbooks for our History Alive! Textbook Chapter 5 (published November 2015)
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The Bronze Dagger Responses (written and published in October 2015)

Period 2

Period 5

 1   The Dagger of Death
 2   Top 10 moments of the Bronze Dagger 3   The Truth Behind The Lies - A Song by Ronit Avalani
 4    Sam's Character Trait 5  
The Life of Samsuluna   
 6 A Possible Summary of the Alabaster Jar
 7 My favorite character
 8   The Bronze Dagger Response
 9 Haikus about The Bronze Dagger
 10 What do the charachters feel after the book? What's my fav charachter? 11 Nitin.K- Poems
 12   Bronze Dagger: Summary, Fav Character, Character Trait
Victor's Cool Sequel
 14   Secret Lies Inside the Zagros Mountains
 15Top Ten Hanging Moments 16    The Bronze Dagger Summary 17
A Bronze Dagger Poem

 18   K-Dizzle The Real Sizzle's Rap
 19    Bronze Dagger Poems 
 20  Top ten surprising moments
 21  The summary of the Bronze Dagger Story 22  The Bronze Dagger: The Missing Diamond
 23  A bronze dagger and three stones(poem)
 24   Bronze Dagger Sequel - Chiruhaas
 25 Think You Know Sam? Well, Think Again!
 26  Sam's Diary DO NOT TOUCH
 27  Back-of-the-book-Summary
 28  Bronze Dagger Summary 29   The song of friendship and a romantic ending!!! -None other than WILL

10/13 - Students created play-doh depictions of the problems and solutions faced by early city-states of Sumer:

On October 1st, our class was visited by The Bronze Dagger author Dr. Marie Sontag.  Dr. Sontag shared her insight on becoming an author, as well as some "behind the scenes" information from her first novel.  Our village read her novel in class and found her presentation informative.  A unique experience that every student had was getting to touch a dagger from over 3,000 years ago!