What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game of strategy, creativity, responsibility, and smarts. First is a matter of Getting a world, mode, and starting to build. On creative mode, you will have all of the stuff in the game, forever, and you will not die. On survival mode, you will get no resources, you will have to search for things, and mine to earn it. But, you can die of starvation, being killed by a player or monster, being blown up, the effects of potions, falling in lava, and a ton more. But, alas, in survival when you die, you will just lose your things and go back to spawn. If you want your things back, you will have to go to where you die, and pick it up. But be careful! if you take to long, your things will disappear. D': hardcore is worse. If you die you don't just loose your things, when you die, you are forced to delete the world, and never play it again. You also will not regenerate heath in hardcore mode. After the mode is chosen, You need to find the terrain. If you have a fully updated game, you will have super flat, a land with super flatness, default, your normal, natural terrain,  large bioms, they make bioms bigger by 16x, and AMPLIFIED. That makes think Biiiiiiggggg. Mountains, huge formations, floating sand (a common glitch) , and lots more.
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