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Healthier Lunches, Tastier Meals

    Are the new school lunches healthier and better than in past years or are they the same mid-day meal students have endured for decades.  

    Whether lunches are tastier and most importantly healthier is an issue all schools are dealing with in 2014,

    “The ingredients in the lunches this year are different from previous years," said Principal Rob Zielinski. "There are more varieties of fruits and vegetables. In previous years there were more starches, carbs, and calories in the food"

    The new selections at lunch consist of all types of sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, and pizza, which some consider relatvely healthy.  The school lunches free to Harvard High because of a federal grant and meals are prepared and served by  Aramark Food Services.

    There are many opinions on the lunches.  Senior Benito Mendoza, a fit athlete,  said he wishes there was more variety of healthy foods.

    “Not the best lunches, but I’m not going hungry” said sophomore Diego Flores.


Along with the new food is the new lunch room and the snappy color combination on the walls. . The new tables and chairs are more comfortable and don’t make as much noise as last year. As the year goes on, the new renovated room will be getting booths and bar stools, school officials said..

“There is more space and it's nicer than last year,” said senior Makenna Powell.   Junior Cole Miller thinks that the lunch room is cool and he likes the bathrooms connected onto it. The convenience of the bathrooms saves a long walk down the hallway.

by Montana Anderson
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