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Top 20 Google Add-ons & Chrome Extensions

All tools listed are free. The list changes as the popularity of a tool changes in our district. If you have a favorite not listed, let us know on the Interaction page.
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Add-on or ExtensionDescription
Add-on or ExtensionDescription
Adblock for YouTube Chrome Extension: Removes video ads from videos (Great partner with DF YouTube) 
autoCrat Sheets Add-on: One of many document merge tools (think Word's mail merge feature). Great when using Google Forms, too. 
Avery Label Merge Docs Add-on: Create labels using Google Docs & Sheets 
CrafyText Chrome Extension: Allows user's text to be displayed on screen on top of webpage in large type 
DF YouTube (Distraction Free) Chrome Extension: Eliminate recommended and suggested videos, hide comments, and disable playlists (Great partner with Adblock for YouTube) 
EquatIO  Chrome Extension: Create math equations and formulas in your Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Drawings 
Extensity Chrome Extension: Quickly enable/disable extensions 
Flubaroo Sheets Add-on: Create self-grading quizzes using Google Forms and Sheets 
formLimiter Forms Add-on: Close a form once a set number of responses have been received 
formMule Sheets Add-on: Email merge tool that sends targeted, personalized emails. Great when using Google Forms, too. 
formRanger Sheets Add-on: Auto-populate choices in a Form from a Sheet 
Form Values Forms Add-on: Insert frequently used choices into form questions 
Grammarly Chrome Extension: Spell checker and grammar checker 
Keywords Docs Add-on: Give students access to specific word list glossaries you or they create as they type 
OneTab Chrome Extension: Convert all of your open tabs into a list on one single tab 
Remove Blank Rows (and more!) Sheets Add-on: Quickly erase extra blank rows and columns 
Screencastify Chrome Extension: Record the action on your screen and/or your webcam 
Share to Classroom Chrome Extension: Post to your Google Classroom while surfing or push the webpage you are on to all of your students' screen instantly 
Tab Resize Chrome Extension: Split windows into separate windows in 2x2, 2x1, 1x2 configurations 
YouTube Full Fill Chrome Extension: Provides a link to share that removes annoying sidebar and thumbnail suggestions, as well as provides students with the largest viewing experience available. 
Showing 20 items