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Illinois of Readiness

posted Feb 27, 2019, 1:40 PM by Jeremy Brush

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our students take federally required assessments every spring. These assessments help us understand how our students are growing academically, compared to their peers across the state. The state uses this information to provide more support and resources to the schools in the greatest need. This year, The English Language Arts and Math assessments for grades 3-8 is called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness.

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is almost exactly the same this year as the assessment that students took last year, only shorter. The Illinois Assessment of Readiness measures the same Illinois Learning Standards and includes the same high-quality test questions that teachers and students have become familiar with over the past four years. 

Our students should feel confident showing what they know and can do on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, even with the new test name and new look. 

The Illinois Assessment of Readiness will change over the next few years, as the state works to make it more useful to schools and families. Next year, we will have the results back from the test much more quickly. The year after that, the test will adapt to each student, so we gain a better understanding of where each individual student is in their learning. We will continue to be able to measure students' growth from year to year throughout these improvements.

In preparation for the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, we will be having dress up days next week. Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed in each grade, as well as Parkview staff.

Monday, March 4 - Sports Day

Tuesday, March 5 - Mismatched Day

Wednesday, March 6 - Color War -6th Grade - Wear Green, 7th Grade - Wear Blue, 8th Grade wear Yellow, Staff Wear Orange.

Thursday, March 7 - Crazy Sock and Hair Day

Friday, March 8 - Dress for Success

Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed in each grade daily, also for the best overall dressed for the week!


Having been a junior high student before, I know that doing this mandatory testing is not always fun, nor is it something students typically want to do. However, we need the best effort from them. The scores you get can help them get into the enriched courses in  the 8th grade or in high school. In order to get their best, we are offering rewards for trying their best and improving their score from last year. 

[If you increase your score from last year, you can earn the following:

A Homework Pass

Bump up your score on 1 test - 1 grade level

Drop your lowest grade from the gradebook

Rec time during lunch]


[If you increase a level from last year or if you maintain a Level 4 or 5 from previous year, you can earn the following:

A Personal Day - You may use this next year if you qualify. Students will need to apply a week before wanting to use it and it will need to be signed off on by parent/guardian. You will get to miss 1 day of school without it counting against you. You would still need to make up any work assigned when absent.

A Field Trip - We are looking into possible places we could take those that qualify. Bowling, movies, etc.]


Since we do not receive the results until summer, these rewards will be for next school year. Testing will begin Wednesday, March 13.



Jeremy Brush

Parkview Junior High School, Principal