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Brooke Ray - Head Coach
Trinity Britton - Volunteer Assistant 
2019  Volleyball Schedule
 Date Opponent  Location Time Bus Time 
 1/08  Newton  Away  4:30 pm   3:00 pm 
Robinson Away 4:30 pm 3:30 pm
1/14 Albion Away 5:30 pm 4:00 pm 
West SalemAway5:15 pm 
   1/19     Hutsonville TourneyAwayTBA4:00 pm
 1/21  Hutsonville  Home  4:30 pm 
 1/24  Casey  Home  4:30 pm 
 1/28  Martinsville  Home  4:30 pm 
  1/29   Marshall  Away  4:30 pm 3:00 pm
 2/04  Oblong  Away  4:30 pm3:20 pm
 2/05  Cumberland  Home   4:30 pm 
 2/07  Flora  Away  6:00 pm4:30 pm 
 2/09 7th LEIC Tourney  Robinson  TBA 
 2/11 Mt. Carmel  Away    6:00 pm   5:00 pm
 2/14 Paris Mayo  Away   4:30 pm 2:45 pm 
 2/16 8th LEIC Tourney  Robinson  TBA 
 2/19 Olney  Away 5:00 pm4:00 pm 
 2/21 St. Mary’s  Away  6:00 pm5:00 pm
Game Results-
 DateOpponent 6th-7th grade8th grade
 1/8Newton  Loss

 15-25, 25-17, 9-25

20-25, 25-27
1/10 RobinsonLoss

 14-25 and 10-25

  18-25 and 18-25 
 1/14Albion Loss 

20-25 26-24 19-25 

 15-25 18-25
 1/17West Salem Loss

11-25 and 19-25

10-25 and 12-25
 1/19Hutsonville Tourney  N/ALoss

vs Hutsonville
16-25 23-25
Vs oblong
17-25 22-25
Vs Martinsville
19-25 25-10 15-25 
 1/21Hutsonville Loss

 17-25, 25-23, 13-25

19-25, 25-10, 25-15
1/24 Casey   Loss

16-25 17-25 

20-25 19-25
1/28  Martinsville Loss


25-19, 23-25, 25-15 
1/29   Marshall  Loss 

22-25 15-25

 17-25 25-27
2/04    Oblong Loss

 22-25, 25-21, 21-25

14-25, 25-20, 20-25
2/05    Cumberland Loss

 10-25, 12-25  

14-25, 13-25 
2/14  Paris Mayo  Loss

25-18, 24-26, 23-25

 25-20, 25-22
2/16  8th LEIC Tourney Vs Hutsonville 

Vs Marshall  
25-16, 28-26

11-25, 15-25
2/19  Olney 

19-25, 13-25 

17-25, 22-25  
 2/21 St. Mary’s  Loss

15-25.  24-26

 9-25 25-20 15-10 
 2/237th grade
Regional vs Newton  


 3/28th grade
Regional vs Newton  


8th Grade Pictures

8th Grade Huddle 
Kaya Tredway
 Krislyn Thacker
Trinity Fahr
Natalie Buchanan

Eight Grade Night Pictures
 Kaya Tredway #10 and Lorien Vowells #16
Kendall Ramsey
Madelyn Garza # 15
Trinity Fahr #14
Krislyn Thacker #12
 Madison Sutton #2/#26
Shayla Mills #5

**Thank you to Jerry Scott and Zach Chansler for providing us with great pictures to enhance our page!

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                                  6th-7th Grade Volleyball Team
Left to right - sitting are 6th graders Kaly Shick#23, Maggie Reese #18; kneeling are 6th graders Naya Davis #19, Haven Shick #21; Back Row are 7th graders Emily Bellville #3, Bella Sapp #11, Kourtney Sholders #22, Kourtney Kasinger #24, and Serena Buchanan #4. 

8th Grade Volleyball Team
Left to right - Natalie Buchanan #25, Madison Sutton #2/#26, Kendall Ramsey #7, Krislyn Thacker #12, Lorien Vowells #16, Kaya Tredway #10, Madelyn Garza #20, Shayla Mills #5, and Trinity Fahr #15.

Robinson Game 1/10 
Coach Ray:"You have to give credit where credit is due and Robinson has grown into an extremely competitive and well coached program.  Although our scores may not reflect it, I am very pleased to use this game as an example to grow from.  Both of our 7th and 8th grade teams are going through some growing pains and are handling them like athletes and not little girls.  I am very proud of our program and where it is headed.  Our kids are doing everything that they can to learn what it takes to compete in this sport and are moving in the right direction.  Patience and dedication is a must, and so far, our group is bringing both of those traits to a very competitive table."

Albion Game 1/14
Coach Britton:"We are so proud of each and every one of these young ladies.  They have shown so much improvement over the last month and continue to work hard in practices and in matches.
The 7th grade team did a fantastic job against Albion staying competitive and taking them to 3 sets.  The are really starting to get the hang of pass, set, hit. 
The 8th grade team had an hours practice to adapt to a new rotation for the match. They adapted and managed the adversity well for their age and experience. There were a lot of great moments and some nice long rallies. They played with Albion for most of both sets with a couple of mental breakdowns being the major difference. Was proud of their effort and demeanor on the court."

West Salem Game 1/17
Coach Ray:"I felt that the 7th grade did a great job learning a new rotation and keeping on pace. The second game was much better than the first, but I am very happy with them overall.
8th grade had some good moments separately in the pass, set, attack combo, but couldn’t seem to put it all together at once. West Salem is an intense atmosphere to play in and they begin their organized volleyball at very young ages. They are a top volleyball program year after year and our girls saw exactly how far we have to go. I truly believe our girls are skilled enough to accomplish this, but they need to bring their confidence up to their skill level. 
I am extremely proud of our program and of our teams. Trinity and I have worked with them on complicated rotations and have built off what skill was already in place. These athletes have great attitudes, dedicated parents, and a willingness to learn. Everyone has been extremely supportive! If we are going to be at the level that we desire to be, it is going to take a village and we are going to have to keep all of this going. I am excited about what I have seen from everyone so far and I am hoping that we have even more community support and involvement for our volleyball athletes. I am very excited about what is coming!"

Hutsonville Tourney 1/19
Coach Ray:"Tournament had a lot of positives even though our scores did not show it. We got to set up for attacks many times and worked on running our offense.  We did not serve very well, which is usually one of our strong points. Great experience and lots of repetition for us."

Hutsonville 1/21
Coach Ray:"Our seventh grade had a great second game tonight and hopefully very soon, we will be able to play two games like that each night instead of one.
8th grade had a great night tonight. They finally played with confidence, which was a huge goal for us. These athletes are working outside of their comfort zone daily and it paid off tonight. We are so proud of both teams!"

Casey 1/24
Coach Ray:"
We are still learning how to run our offense and tweaking our defense. The girls are not winning for lack of effort, it's lack of experience for this style of play. Understanding positions and roles takes time, but we are getting there and we are still very proud of them for learning outside of their comfort zone. They are very unselfish and all work very well together, which shows a lot of maturity at a young age. We are getting closer each and every day  to the high standards that have been set for them."

Martinsville 1/28
Coach Ray: "We are very pleased overall with tonight’s performance. Both groups are doing what we have been working toward, our seventh grade group just needs to do a lot more of those things instead of just one game during a set. However, they are growing and learning and that is what we need them to do. 
Eighth grade was very consistent tonight and communicated very well. It is very exciting to see them understand the game and apply the skills that they have accumulated the last few years. It’s very exciting to see them grow so quickly and be so proud of themselves." 

Oblong 2/04
Coach Ray: "Both squads didn’t give up this evening. We didn’t practice much this week and it showed at times. I felt like the girls showed more aggressive play, unfortunately it was after about 5 poor plays in a row.  However, they showed improvement from the last time that we played Oblong. I am very proud of both teams and they are showing signs of becoming passionate, knowledgeable players. I am excited for what is to come."

Cumberland 2/05
Coach Ray: "The girls played against a very experienced and well coached team tonight. Their experience and confidence showed the minute that they started warming up. I think that our girls realized that they could play with them too late in the game. I was proud of their refusal to give up, their unity, and their maturity through the entire game. Cumberland is a strong offensive team and I truly believe that our upcoming volley-tots program will head Lawrenceville in the same direction. I am proud of our efforts, support, and accomplishments so far this season. It has taken a small village between coaching staff, volunteer adult coaches, high school girls, administration support and ENORMOUS parent support. I am so impressed by the adults that have backed these girls this year! Our record doesn’t exactly show what’s been going on, but those that are involved are well aware of what these 12,13 and ,14 year old girls have done in such a short time. I am Very proud of our program and community." 

 Paris Mayo 2/14
Coach Ray:"Both teams played very well tonight. They have improved in their communication, competitive, and offensive skills. We are all so proud of the improvements the girls have made and are continuing to make. They are pushing themselves and giving their. Eat effort each and every day."

Olney 2/19
Coach Ray: "Both Olney teams played very well tonight and were a little stronger offensively than us this evening. We had an evening where our offensive attacks weren't as strong and our serve receive was off with both teams. I felt that our defense did a great job tonight, we just couldn't get our hits to fall within the court.  It was just one of those nights, but every game is a learning experience. Our kids are growing with every experience that they have and for now, that is a victory in itself. Olney does a great job developing their female athletes and their confidence. You have to give credit where it is belongs and I feel that our younger girls are wanting the same respect and confidence as other schools. We definitely are headed in the right direction and our kids, community and awesome parent support is a big reason."

St Mary's 2/21
Coach ray: "7th grade - the first game we had some rotational issues and the girls adjusted the best that they could but it was just too much of a change for them to keep their focus. The second game, their play was much better but the teamwork just wasn’t there. Some of the girls had a pretty good game individually, but it just wasn’t a good game for us altogether. 
8th grade had a rough first game against a very good serving team. The second and third games we finally found our groove and teamwork style which ended up working out for us. It was nice to see the 8th graders pull together after a very rough start."

Regional vs Newton 2/23 
Coach Ray: "Seventh grade came a long way this year. I was very proud of their commitment, efforts, and ability to adjust to so many different scenarios and styles of play. These young ladies are fun to watch and love to compete. We are so very proud of them!"

8th grade regionals 3/5
Coach Britton: "The 8th grade Lady Braves' season came to an end tonight in the second round of regional play. Marshall, first seed, was a tough opponent, but we played hard and aggressive until the very last point. To say we are proud of them is an understatement.
This group of talented young ladies had a terrific season of learning and fun. We cant wait to see what their future holds for them."
8th grade season record 6-14

6th-7th Grade Pictures
Lorien Vowells
Serena Buchanan
Emily Bellville