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all books need to be returned here by May 12th.

Book recommendations from Author Aaron Reynolds
 "Tiger Moth"  "Superhero School"  "Chicks and Salsa"  "Pirates Vs. Cowboys"

Skill streaming and Second-Step Curriculum
Mrs. Laura Mack, the school Social Worker, and I are teaching Skill streaming and Second-Step Curriculum in the library this year.  The lessons are being taught on a 4-week rotation schedule.  The first three lessons were on "Knowing Your Feelings", "Recognizing Another's Feelings", and "Using Self-Control". Mrs. Mack started teaching a new Skillstreaming lesson on "Following Directions in the Library  on 1/17/17.
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New Books
There are some new additions in the library including books in the "Who Was...?" and "What Was...?" series. Some examples, "Who was Elvis Presley?", "Who is Dolly Parton?", "Who were the Beatles?", "What was the Battle of Gettysburg?",  "What was Pearl Harbor?", and "What was the March on Washington?". There is also a copy of the book "Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville" which was written by local Author Levi Fox 

Author Aaron Reynolds visits Parkside!!!