Parkside Elementary
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Julie Hayes

Mrs. Stoelting's 3rd Grade Class Welcomes "Career People of the Day" !  

After the visitors came, each student chose a career they would like to have. They researched their career and made a slideshow with facts and then a poster. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday 2/14  4-7 pm
Friday 2/15  8-11 am 

School will release an hour early on Thursday 2/14
No school on Friday 2/15 and Monday 2/18

Call 943-3992 for an appointment

 Kindergarteners in Miss Negley's class dressed up to look like they are 100 years old for the 100th day

Selfie from the third grade holiday program!

Mr. Jennings' 5th Grade Class at the CANDLES Museum in Terre Haute. It was a very educational experience that the kids will always remember.