Parkside Elementary
1900 Cedar St.
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
Julie Hayes

Book Fair

When: November 14th16th
Where: In the Library
What Time: 8:30am3:30pm

Family Night: November 16th
What Time: 4:30pm7:00pm

 Parents can also order online at
Volunteers can sign up to help at the Book Fair.

Holiday Program Dates:
Dec. 4th - Kindergarten at 1:30 PM
Dec. 5th - 1st Grade at 1:30 PM 
Dec. 6th - 2nd Grade at 1:30 PM
Dec. 7th - 3rd Grade at 1:30 PM
Dec. 8th - Pre-K (Morning Class) 9:00 AM
Dec. 8th - Pre-K (Afternoon Class) 1:30 PM
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On Tuesday November 21 there will be a one hour early dismissal!

The High School Art Club came to Mrs. Gray's 2nd Grade Class to make an Art Project on Friendship. 

Dental Safari will be here from December 13th-15th
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Mrs. Mendenhall and the fourth graders put on a Veterans Day program this year