Student Council

Lawrenceville High School Student Council

Sponsors: Chrissy Benson & Nichelle Burkhardt


 FreshmenSophomore Junior Senior
1.Emily Darnell*
 Class President
1. Caden Daugherty**
 Class President
 1.McKegan Swanson***
Class President
 1.Nate Weger***
Class President
2.Austin Blevins*2.Jarrett Winkles**2.Nolan Tewell***2.Nate Seed****Co-Chair
3.Kristina Johnson*3.Macy Bousley**3.Maizie Organ***3.Ryan Moore****Co-Chair
4. Cara Eagleson*4.Raylin Carey**4.Maya Wright***4.Charleigh Ferrell****
5.Brogan Blagrave*5.Paige Tewell**5.Shea Jennings***5.Cherub Mohler*
6.Amelia Atkins*6.Brienna Cline**6.Jaidyn Yarber***6.Caytlin Bilohlavek**
7.Mason Parrott*7.Jayde Seitzinger**7.Nicole Gray*7.Abby Love***
8.Jayci Potts*8.Blayne Winningham*8.Amanda Marley*8.Emily Moore***
9.Parker Green*  9.Emily Witsman*
   10. Noah Hearn** 

* = number of years on Student Council


Lawrenceville High School Student Council has "adopted" a classroom in Houston, TX. The school we have been paired with is Lamar High School. To learn more about the school their website is:    

Information about the program that pioneered this endeavor can be found on the following blog:

LHS will be collecting monetary donations throughout the football season. During Homecoming Week, the student body will be competing against each other to see which graduating class brings in the most money. The winning class will receive class points for our Game Day competitions, and an ice cream sundae party. We will also have a collection bucket at the concession stand for all home games. If anyone wishes to donate, please drop off at the LHS office, and let Kassie or Ashley know it is for Adopt a School in Texas. 

Red Hill High School Student Council will also be collecting monetary donations for Lamar High School later in the month. If you would like to donate you can also drop your donations at the Red Hill High School office. 

We have chosen to send a check or Wal-Mart/Amazon gift cards, so there are no shipping costs. This way the teachers can buy what they need for their students/classrooms. All donations will go directly to Lamar High School. 



The Student Council recently went on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. They did many fun things and had a great time! They went to the Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum, Frazier Museum, and the Muhammad Ali Center. They went cave diving, laser tagging, went to see Les Miserables, and many other fun things!

Lawrenceville High School Student Council presented their first car show on September 3rd! 
Student Council raised over $800 hosting their first car show! Prizes were presented to old cars, bikes, trucks and more!!