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End of LIC season:
    Saturday, January 28th was the LIC tournament at Flora. In the first round, Lawrenceville played against Robinson and Casey, disappointingly losing to both. The team that scored the least during this round did not advance; Lawrenceville beat out Marshall by 20 points. Advancing to the second round, Lawrenceville drew Robinson and lost, 390-90.

January 9th Meet @ Flora
    The Varsity team, consisting of Noah Hearn, Hunter Stallings, Jack Holden, Seth Croslow, and Alyssa Ruston-Bray, won both of their matches, defeating Flora and Red Hill. They overcame Flora 160-140, despite going into the last toss-up down 20 points. The team also bested Red Hill 150-130, after correctly answering two of the last three bonus questions.
    The Junior Varsity team won one and lost one, beating Flora and losing to Red Hill. The team was Nolan Tewell, Alex Simmons, Owen Atkins, and Payton Kohlhause. They were narrowly defeated by Red Hill by just 10 points, but handily beat Flora, 270-70.

January 12th Meet @ Marshall
     The Varsity team (same people as above), won one game and lost one game at Marshall on Thursday, beating Marshall by 50, 190-140, but losing to Newton by 180, 100-280. Jack Holden had 10 toss-ups for night, while Noah Hearn rounded out the scoring with two toss-ups.
      The Junior Varsity team also split their games, beating Marshall by 130 and losing to Newton by just 20. The team consists of Nolan Tewell, Alex Simmons, Owen Atkins, and Payton Kohlhause. 

January 19th Meet @ Casey
    The Varsity team eked out the win over Casey, beating them 160-150. However, there was nothing the Lawrenceville team could against Robinson, losing in a landslide, 310-140.
    The Junior Varsity split their games, staying even so far in the season, 3-3. They also beat Casey and lost to Robinson, 180-60 and 270-150 respectively.

January 23rd Meet @ Home
    The Varsity faced off against Paris and Olney in their home meet on Monday. The team had a disappointing showing in both games, losing by 100 points in each game. Seth Croslow more than doubled his total amount of toss-ups this season, though.
    In keeping with the trend of sameness, the Junior Varsity also lost both games. They lost 280-150 to Paris, a very good team, and fell to Olney by just 10 points.

LIC Top Ten for Toss-ups Answered Correctly
Front Row (L to R): Devon Cantrell, 68; Grant Oxford, 46; Brendan West, 46; Kamara Barksdale-Smith, 41; Jack Holden, 37
Back Row: Clint Buchanan, 27; Braden Chittick, 23 (not pictured); David Jenkins, 22; Ian Quick, 17; Briana Sanders, 13