National Beta Club
"Let us Lead by Serving Others''

  • President - Seth Croslow
  • Vice-President - Aubree Dolkey
  • Service Project Chair - Hannah Frey
  • Kendra Tohill -
  • Jamie Dennison -

State Convention
  • Date: March 1-2 
  • Location: Crowne Plaza, Springfield, IL.

Beta Participants
  1. Stephanie Bach-Water Color

  2. Caytlin Bilohlavek

  3. Madison Bobe Advertising Design

  4. Leah Buchanan- English

  5. Brianna Bump- Spanish

  6. Madison Carter- Computers

  7. Haylee Croslow- Photography

  8. Seth Croslow- Science

  9. Madison Decker- On Site Pencil

  10. Aubrey Dolkey- Creative Writing

  11. Hannah Frey- General Knowledge

  12. Clay Goodwin- Speech

  13. Nicole Gray- English

  14. Seth Hatfield- Accounting

  15. Abigail Love- Poetry

  16. Brianna Mefford- Drawing

  17. Emily Moore- Wood Working (visual art)

  18. Ryan Moore- Social Studies

  19. Morgan Parrish- Advertising Design/ On Site Colored Pencil

  20. Alyssa Ruston- Math/Visual Arts/ Painting and Drawing

  21. Emily Siegle- On Site Art

  22. Jeffry Siegle- Beta Build, Woodworking

  23. Hunter Stallings- Geography

  24. Nolan Tewell- Science

  25. Noah Volkman- Beta Build

  26. Lauryn Weger- Advertising Design

  27. Mikayla Waggoner- Agriculture

  28. Alicia Wimberly- Advertising Design

  29. Bryce Winningham- Beta Build

Quiz Bowl

  1. Ryan Moore

  2. Nolan Tewell

  3. Seth Croslow

  4. Nicole Gray

Mission Statement  
''To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among 
elementary and secondary school students.''

Achievement - Recognizing and honoring high school achievement.

Character - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful.

Leadership - Developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Service - Demonstration our motto: ''Let Us Lead by Serving Others''

 Beta Club Inductees 2016-2017 

Woodworking: Jeffery 2nd place
Painting: Alyssa 2nd place
Science: Nolan 3rd place
Language arts: Leah 3rd place
Poetry: Abby 3rd place
Science: Seth C 2nd place
Social studies: Ryan 3rd place
Speech: Clay 3rd place
On site art (colored pencil): Morgan 2nd
Georgeaphy: Hunter 1st place
Beta Build: Bryce, Jeffery, Noah 1st placeholder

Seth Croslow,
Oct 24, 2016, 8:53 AM
Seth Croslow,
Oct 24, 2016, 8:46 AM
Jayel Seitzinger,
Jan 10, 2017, 7:22 AM