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2018-2019 Photo Library


Brenyn Winningham preparing         Bradley Churchwell running up the middle                                 Blayne Winnignham breaking a tackle
to receive the snap                         
Brandon Blackwell Jumps for a pass                                             Bradley Churchwell sets up for a blitz            Dayman Parkman attempts a run outside

Ryan Schultz breaks through the line                                              Dayman Parkman runs outside for a touchdown

                                                     Homecoming Game!

Captains; Blayne Winningham, Mason O'dell,                                Brandon Blackwell makes a tackle
and Brandon Blackwell

The team getting ready for the game                                            Lathan Chisolm and Brandon Blackwell make a tackle

                                                                  Senior Game
Keaton Weger and Bradley Churchwell block for                           Brandon Blackwell and Keaton Weger with a huge hit!                  Brandon Blackwell runs up the middle
Brandon Blackwell

Seniors: Brandon Blackwell, Mason O'dell, and Keaton Weger      Some of the team after the last game