2018 Lawrenceville/Red Hi
ll Cross Country
(Left to Right) Back Row: Coach John Christy, Colin Benson, Same Hager, Clint Buchanan, Cole Sumner, Blaine Hesler, Conner McKinney, James Burk, Coach Bill Bandy
Second Row: Trevor Parker, Becky Wagner, Kyanne Waggoner, Ryann Greismer, Maya Wright, Emily Hyre, Brayden Green
Third Row: Elsie Whewell, Cara Eagleson, Katie Moore, Ophelia Klein, Shaina Hyre

                          Fairfield Invite
In a nutshell:  The gap between our 4th and 5th runners killed us in both races.  With the girls, injuries were certainly a factor, with two varsity seniors unable to run (Kyanne Waggoner and Emily Hyre) and others running with some pain.  For the boys, Conner McKinney, normally on the varsity seven, was also unable to run due to tendinitis.
NameTimePlace - Race
Brayden Green18:449th - Boys
Blaine Hesler19:0310th - Boys
Cole Sumner19:1014th - Boys
James Burk 19:4820th - Boys
Colin Benson21:3728th - Boys
Clint Buchanan22:1130th - Boys
Trevor Parker22:1231st - Boys

Katie Moore22:465th -Girls
Maya Wright23:257th - Girls
Ophelia Klein23:4810th - Girls
Becky Wagner24:0111th - Girls
Shaina Hyre26:1026th - Girls
Cara Eagleson27:0329th - Girls
Elsie Whewell30:2033rd - Girls

Olney 40
Newton 57
Lawrenceville 59
Hamilton Co 116
North Clay NS
Fairfield NS
Mt. Carmel NS
Individual Champion:  Shannon Hough, Olney

Olney 17
Hamilton Co 62
Lawrenceville 81
North Clay 137
Newton NS
Fairfield NS
Mt Carmel NS
Individual Champion from Olney (don't have name)

Both teams ran better than we did last week.  Our times were definitely faster.  We still had two out (Connor McKinney and Cara Eagleson), both with tendinitis in the knee. A round of flu had hit our team.  Nevertheless, we ran better.  
NameTimePlace - Race
Cole Sumner18:20.385th - Boys
Brayden Green18:24.127th - Boys
James Burk18:59.3110th - Boys
Blaine Hesler20:09.9111th - Boys
Trevor Parker20:22.0312th - Boys
Colin Benson20:32.1513th - Boys
Clint Buchanan20:49.1516th - Boys

Katie Moore21:26.781st - Girls
Ophelia Klein22:53.256th - Girls
Maya Wright23:01.468th - Girls
Emily Hyre23:30.449th - Girls
Becky Wagner23:33.1210th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner24:23.1212th - Girls
Shaina Hyre24:25.0613th - Girls
Elsie Whewell30.11.2220th - Girls

Our cross country team pulled off two big wins at Newton (Sam Parr State Park) this afternoon.  Course was 2.75 miles, mostly on the trails.  It was a big mental lift for both the girls and boys teams.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler16:031st - Boys
Brayden Green16:212nd - Boys
James Burk17:2211th - Boys
Trevor Parker17:5115th - Boys
Colin Benson18:5222nd - Boys
Clint Buchanan18:5423rd - Boys

Katie Moore19:332nd - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:405th - Girls
Emily Hyre20:586th - Girls
Maya Wright21:067th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:158th - Girls
Shaina Hyre21:2910th - Girls
Ryann Griesemer24:0727th - Girls
Elsie Whewell25:4635th - Girls

                Olney/Fairfield/Mt. Carmel
This meet was cancelled.  The rains the weekend before rendered the course unusable.

                        Olney Invite
Our girls had a great run.  They were the only team to put 7 runners in the top 50.  However, the 1:30 minute gap between Katie and Ophelia was our "achilles heel" in the race, with 20 runners getting between our 1 and 2 runners.  Klein and Shaina Hyre ran personal best times, and Cara Eagleson ran well coming off an injury. The boys managed a good 6th place in a tough field, but the gap from our 4th to our 7th runners hurt us.  Brayden Green and Trevor Parker ran personal bests to help the effort.
NameTimePlace - Race
Brayden Green17:35.6524th - Boys
Blaine Hesler18:02.4931st - Boys
James Burk18:17.5036th - Boys
Cole Sumner18:25.4141st - Boys
Trevor Parker19:22.9285th - Boys
Clint Buchanan20:31.29116th - Boys
Colin Benson20:39.70119th - Boys
Conner McKinney20:48.61126th - Boys

Katie Moore20:33.198th - Girls
Ophelia Klein22:03.0028th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner22:15.7532nd - Girls
Maya Wright22:19.7733rd - Girls
Emily Hyre22:47.7337th - Girls
Cara Eagleson23:05.4442nd - Girls
Shaina Hyre23:29.8148th - Girls
Ryanne Griesemer27:14.04104th - Girls

Girls ran a great team effort to finally beat Olney.  The gap between our 1st and 2nd runners that had haunted the team all season was closed by Ophelia Klein, who ran only 13 seconds behind Katie Moore with a personal best 21:44. Boys ran one of their best efforts this year, nearly beating Olney. Blaine Hesler had his best race and fastest time this year, finishing 2nd.  Brayden Green ran another personal best to finish 5th.  Cole Sumner's 11th place finish in 17:52 marked the first time this season the boys put three runners under 18 minutes.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler16:482nd - Boys
Brayden Green17:245th - Boys
Cole Sumner17:5211th - Boys
James Burk18:5718th - Boys
Trevor Parker19:2621st - Boys
Colin Benson20:0728th - Boys
Clint Buchanan20:2230th - Boys
Conner McKinney21:4433rd - Boys
Katie Moore21:312nd - Girls
Ophelia Klein21:443rd - Girls
Becky Wagner22:5312th - Girls
Maya Wright22:5513th - Girls
Emily Hyre23:0315th - Girls
Cara Eagleson24:1220th - Girls
Shaina Hyre24:1822nd - Girls
Lawrenceville 45
Richland Co 47
Newton 53
Effingham 90
Robinson 110

Robinson 26
Richland Co 52
Lawrenceville 53
Effingham 100
Newton NS
                             LHS Invite
Both cross country teams won the Lawrenceville Invitational. They have shown a great deal of improvement in the last week, both in races and in practice. The time spreads between the runners are critical to success in a race, and both teams have lowered those spreads over the last week. The girls took the top six places with a time spread of only 56 seconds, and the top five were only 28 seconds apart, which is phenomenal. 
Blaine Hesler and Katie Moore ran great races to win the individual titles. The boys took the top three places (Hesler, Green and Sumner) while the girls placed an amazing seven in the top eight (Moore, Klein, Waggoner, Wright, Wagner,  Shaina Hyre and Emily Hyre).
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler17:02.151st - Boys
Brayden Green17:11.692nd - Boys
Cole Sumner17:22.033rd - Boys
James Burk18:23.1511th - Boys
Trevor Parker18:48.3813th - Boys
Colin Benson19:01.9115th - Boys
Clint Buchanan19:26.6918th - Boys
Conner McKinney20:28.6228th - Boys
Sam Hager22:51.5338th - Boys
Katie Moore21:23.591st - Girls
Ophelia Klein21:28.662nd - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner21:35.153rd - Girls
Maya Wright21:48.444th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:48.965th - Girls
Shaina Hyre22:20.226th - Girls
Emily Hyre22:39.478th - Girls
Cara Eagleson25:03.4720th - Girls
Ryann Griesemer25:27.0921st - Girls
Elsie Whewell26:58.5625th - Girls
Lawrenceville 15
Fairfield 58
Altamont 70
Dieterich NS
North Clay NS
Palestine-Hutsonville NS

Lawrenceville 26
Fairfield 72
Palestine-Hutsonville 100
Dieterich 102
Altamont 103
Mt Carmel 112
North Clay NS
Odin NS
Flora NS
                     Robinson Invite
Girls had the greatest run ever at the Robinson Invite, bringing home a trophy for the first time.  The 4th place finish (18 full teams) is the highest ever for a Lawrenceville girls cross country team at Robinson.  By finishing 4th, the girls knocked off every LIC conference team, all of which participated in the meet.  Katie Moore had her first sub-20:00 run of the season with a 19:50 to finish 11th.  The gap between Katie and the rest of the team, which had haunted earlier races, was closed by freshman Ophelia Klein and junior Becky Wagner.  Klein finished 19th with a personal best of 20:26, while Wagner finished 34th with a time of 21:08.  The previous gap of 1:30 between our 1 and 2 runners was reduced to a 1:18 gap for our first 3 runners.  The girls team continues to exceed benchmarks set by previous teams.
The boys finished 8th (23 full teams), led by Blaine Hesler, who finished 13th in 16:39.  Freshman Brayden Green was close behind in 21st with a PR of 17:04, followed by Cole Sumner in 29th with a time of 17:23.  The boys team beat 2/3 of the field in a very tough meet, and continue to improve.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler16:32.7213th - Boys
Brayden Green17:04.6521st - Boys
Cole Sumner17:23.2329th - Boys
James Burk18:03.0455th - Boys
Trevor Parker18:56.3894th - Boys
Conner McKinney19:05.62102nd - Boys
Colin Benson19:12.26107th - Boys
Clint Buchanan19:29.28119th - Boys
Katie Moore19:50.0111th - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:26.3819th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:08.2034th - Girls
Maya Wright22:14.9857th - Girls
Shaina Hyre22:19.8260th - Girls
Emily Hyre22:30.3564th - Girls
Cara Eagleson22:51.3171st - Girls
Ryann Griesemer
Elsie Whewell
104th - Girls
138th - Girls

Both cross country teams won meets at Sam Parr State Park, where Newton hosted a four-team meet.  Course is approximately 2.75 miles.
NameTimePlace - Race
Cole Sumner16:214th - Boys
Brayden Green16:225th - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:356th - Boys
Trevor Parker17:3211th - Boys
Colin Benson18:0015th - Boys
Conner McKinner18:2617th - Boys
Clint Buchanan18:3718th - Boys
Sam Hager20:4130th - Boys

Katie Moore18:542nd - Girls
Ophelia Klein19:364th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner20:218th - Girls
Maya Wright20:319th - Girls
Shaina Hyre20:5511th - Girls
Emily Hyre21:0212th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:3114th - Girls
Cara Eagleson
Ryann Greisemer
15th - Girls
21st - Girls
Elsie Whewell24:3932nd - Girls
Lawrenceville 34
Newton 44
Neoga 79
Individual Champion: Abby Stone, Newton

Lawrenceville 34
Neoga 42
Newton NS
Flora NS
Individual Champion: Reese Johnson, Neoga
                        Cumberland Invite
Both teams ran yesterday in the Cumberland Invitational at Lakeland College near Mattoon.  Boys were 7th, girls were 4th in a tough field.  The rolling nature of the 3 mile course slowed the races and rendered final times a bit meaningless. Our first four boy runners ran close, but the gap between our 4th and 5th runners continues to haunt the team.  The team still ran well, beating over half the field of both Class A and AA schools.
The girls packed 6 in the top 37 for a stellar team performance, even though two varsity members could not run.  The performance was a testament to the depth and strength of this team.  The 4th place finish was the best ever for a girls team at Cumberland Invite, and continues a string of "firsts" for this year's team. Katie Moore's 5th place finish and Ophelia Klein's 12th place finish are the two highest ever achieved by anyone in the Lawrenceville girls program at Cumberland.
NameTimePlace - Race
Brayden Green18:11.7723rd - Boys
James Burk18:27.5833rd - Boys
Blaine Hesler18:28.7134th - Boys
Cole Sumner18:34.7036th - Boys
Trevor Parker19:48.3263rd - Boys
Conner McKinney20:11.4972nd - Boys
Colin Benson20:50.2288th - Boys

Katie Moore20:55.735th - Girls
Ophelia Klein21:32.8612th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner22:35.7127th - Girls
Shaina Hyre23:18.4635th - Girls
Emily Hyre23:31.2636th - Girls
Cara Eagleson23:41.2837th - Girls
Elsie Whewell28:30.7174th - Girls

                             LIC Conference
The Lawrenceville Co-op girls team won the LIC Conference title for the 2nd year in a row this afternoon.  The team put five girls in the top 15 to clinch their 2nd consecutive title.  Three girls, Katie Moore (2nd), Ophelia Klein (3rd) and Kyanne Waggoner (7th) were in the top 10 and earned All-Conference honors.  For Waggoner, it is her 3rd LIC All-Conference award.  Maya Wright just missed All-Conference with an 11th place finish, while Becky Wagner, coming off an ankle injury, finished 15th.
The boys finished 4th as a team.  They were led by Blaine Hesler, who finished 12th.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler17:21.8112th - Boys
Brayden Green17:44.7517th - Boys
Cole Sumner17:46.6218th - Boys
James Burk17:54.8120th - Boys
Trevor Parker18:54.7628th - Boys
Conner McKinney19:23.2635th - Boys
Colin Benson19:51.5541st - Boys
Clint Buchanan20:57.1048th - Boys
Sam Hager22:42.9661st - Boys

Katie Moore20:52.122nd - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:53.173rd - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner21:17.777th - Girls
Maya Wright22:13.9811th - Girls
Becky Wagner22:32.1815th - Girls
Shaina Hyre23:07.3419th - Girls
Emily Hyre23:48.3923rd - Girls
Elsie Whewell27:32.4543rd - Girls
Lawrenceville 32
Newton 49
Olney 63
Robinson 103
Paris 105
Marshall Inc
Casey Inc
Individual Champion: Abby Stone, Newton

Robinson 37
Richland 45
Marshall 62
Lawrenceville 91
Casey 154
Newton 164
Paris 175
Flora Inc
Individual Champion: Negus Bogard, Robinson
                        Peoria Heights
The cross country team traveled to Peoria for the Patriot Invitational on Saturday.  Girls finished 10th (30 full teams), and boys were 12th (43 full teams).  Both teams had great runs on the state championship course at Detweiller Park.
BOYS:  Blaine Hesler led the charge with a great race, finishing 18th overall.  His 16:11.6 was his best ever for 3 miles, and the 4th fastest time in Lawrenceville cross country history.  It was the fastest team effort of the year for the boys team in a race.
GIRLS:  Katie Moore led the girls, finishing 41st overall in 19:52.6.  Ophelia Klein finished 54th with a personal best of 20:13.7, the 5th fastest time in Lawrenceville cross country history.  For the team, it was the fastest team run ever on the state course at Detweiller Park.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler16:11.6015th - Boys
Cole Sumner17:04.6054th - Boys
Brayden Green17:16.0068th - Boys
James Burk17:18.8071st - Boys
Conner McKinney18.19.80140th - Boys
Trevor Parker18:53.20163rd - Boys
Colin Benson18:59.80172nd - Boys

Katie Moore15:52.6035th - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:13.7048th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner20:40.0055th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:16.8066th - Girls
Shaina Hyre21:31.2075th - Girls
Maya Wright22:00.3093rd - Girls
Emily Hyre22:31.90106th - Girls
Elsie Whewell25:41.0048th - Girls
Unity High School    59
St. Joseph-Ogden    93
Pleasant Plains    100
Knoxville    180
Beecher High School    190
Monticello    215
Macomb Sr. High School    227
Annawan Wethersfield    230
Elmwood High School    234
Lawrenceville    279
Stark County    310
Athens High School    342
Quincy Notre Dame    381
Liberty HS    400
Prairie Central    472
Farmington Central High School    486
Hava High School    501

Elmwoo/Brimfield    94
Monticello    96
Athens High School    186
Pleasant Plains    241
Newman Central Catholic    246
father McGiveney Catholic HS    249
Paxton Buckley Loda    288
Unity High School    303
St. Joseph-Ogden    308
IVC    321
Ere-Prophetstown    327
Lawrenceville    348
Macomb Sr. High    365
Knoxville    457
Quincy Notre Dame    515 
La Salette Academy    532
Girls had a great run, finishing 2nd and losing to Teutopolis by only 8 points.  It was a close race and the best performance by far against Teutopolis this year. Boys struggled to a 5th place finish. Both teams advanced to the sectional at Decatur.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler 17:10.7915th - Boys
Cole Sumner17:14.6516th - Boys
Brayden Green17:41.1732nd - Boys
James Burk17:46.9735th - Boys
Conner McKinney18:47.2452nd - Boys
Trevor Parker
19:08.9658th - Boys
Colin Benson19:51.9366th - Boys
Katie Moore20:16.966th - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:35.608th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner20:51.1012th - Girls
Maya Wright21:12.1716th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:50.3724th - Girls
Shaina Hyre21.50.4525th- Girls
Cara Eagleson23:38.4846th - Girls
Teutopolis    49
Lawrenceville    57
Neoga    95
St. Anthony    120
Newton    135
Robinson    138
Cumberland    150

Robinson    36
Cumberland    71
Marshall    101
St. Anthony    114
Lawrenceville    136
Teutopolis 148
Neoga    154
The season ended for cross country on October 27th at the Decatur Sectional. We had a great season but sadly cross country can't go on forever. The boys placed 12th and the girls placed 8th. Neither team advanced, but both ran hard and well.
NameTimePlace - Race
Blaine Hesler16:14.2316th - Boys
Brayden Green17:08.0557th - Boys
James Burk17:31.3675th - Boys
Cole Sumner17:52.1890th - Boys
Conner McKinney18:54.76125th - Boys
Trevor Parker19:00.04126th - Boys
Colin Benson19:39.05136th - Boys
Katie Moore19:53.5331st - Girls
Ophelia Klein20:02.9139th - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner20:40.5252th - Girls
Maya Wright21:26.4172th - Girls
Shaina Hyre21:29.3574th - Girls
Becky Wagner21:41.1980th - Girls
Emily Hyre22:42.13107th - Girls

"There are moments of truth in every race….sometimes several.  How you react will determine your destiny." 
~Craig Virgin

Cross Country Running Poster on the back of our team shirt #crosscountryrunning

Cross Country Awards!
Back Left to Right: Conner McKinney - Senior Award, Blaine Hesler - Senior Award and Most Valuable, Brayden Green - Rookie of the Year, Cole Sumner - Senior Award
Front Left to Right: Ophelia Klein - Rookie of the year, Maya Wright - Most Dedicated, Kyanne Waggoner - Senior Award, Emily Hyre - Senior Award
Missing: Katie Moore - Most Valuable

The Girls Won LIC Conference on October 9th!!
Credits: Misty Klein
Back Left to Right: Coach Bill Bandy, Shaina Hyre, Elsie Whewell, Maya Wright, Ryann Griesemer, Coach John Christy
Front Left to Right: Ophelia Klein, Kyanne Waggoner, Emily Hyre, Katie Moore, Becky Wagner
Missing: Cara Eagleson, who unfortunately missed the meet due to illness.

We received the plaques from the Little Illini Conference in Olney where our girls came in 1st!

Cross Country Schedule

08/21/2018 - Fairfield Invite - 4:00 - A
08/28/2018 - Robinson/Olney/Saint Anthony - 4:15 - St. A
08/30/2018 - Olney/Hutsonville - 4:30 - H
09/04/2018 - Princeton/Mount Carmel - 4:30 - Princeton
09/11/2018 - Olney/Faifield/Mount Carmel - 4:15 - Olney
09/15/2018 - Olney Invite - 9:30 - A
09/18/2018 - Robinson - 4:00 - A
09/22/2018 - LHS Invite - 10:00 - H
09/27/2018 - Robinson Invite - 4:30 - A
10/02/2018 - Newton - 4:30 - A
10/06/2018 - Cumberland Invite - 9:00 - Lakeland
10/09/2018 - Conference - 4:30 
10/13/2018 - Peoria Heights
10/20/2018 - Regional - 10:00 - Robinson
10/27/2018 - Sectionals - 10:00 - Decatur
11/03/2018 - State - 9:00

Senior Night!

Lawrenceville Cross Country