2017 Lawrenceville/Red Hill Cross Country
(Left to Right) Back Row: Coach John Christy, Cole Sumner, Kameron Hill, Blaine Hesler, Jack Holden, Colin Benson, Gavin Rucker, Coach Bill Bandy
Second Row: Kyanne Waggoner, Stephanie Bach, Cara Eagleson, Max Smigiel, Trevor Parker, James Burk, Patrick Murphy
Front Row: Elsie Whewell, Shelby Russell, Maya Wright, Katie Moore, Becky Wagner, Emily Hyre
Not Pictured: Conner McKinney
    Sectionals were at Carlinville, IL this year. Top five teams make it out and top seven individuals not on teams that make it out, go to State. Our boys team placed 5th and made it out! Our girls team placed 7th but Katie Moore advanced to State as an individual. The weather was very cold and most pf the meet it was sleeting/snowing. Considering the weather our teams did very well. Max Smigiel ran a 15:54 which is the 3rd fastest time in our program history. The girls all got PR's except for one. It was the fastest team run in Lawrenceville girls Cross Country history. Katie Moore beat her own record for fastest time in our program history, running an 18:58 3 mile. Both teams did an excellent job this season but we aren't finished yet!
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel15:5412 - Boys
Cole Sumner16:1927 - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:4243 - Boys
Conner McKinney16:5551 - Boys
Gavin Rucker17:1472 - Boys
James Burk17:57118 - Boys
Colin Benson18:02121 - Boys
Katie Moore18:5822 - Girls
Becky Wagner20:4656 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner20:5662 - Girls
Emily Hyre21:1670 - Girls
Maya Wright21:2777 - Girls
Stephanie Bach21:2978 - Girls
Cara Eagleson22:0183 - Girls
    Regionals was at Effingham, IL this year. Our boys placed 2nd following Robinson. Our girls won! The girls placed first beating Teutopolis. Teutopolis had beat us three times previous to this meet so our girls pulled off a huge upset on them. We had four girls and one boy get a personal best, and two girls get a season best. Both of our teams will be advancing to Sectionals in Carlinville!
                Regionals @ Effingham
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigeil16:305 - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:448 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:1814 - Boys
Conner McKinney17:4723 - Boys
Gavin Rucker18:0831 - Boys
James Burk18:3443 - Bpys
Colin Benson18:5451 - Boys
Katie Moore19:382 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner21:3612 - Girls
Emily Hyre22:0815 - Girls
Maya Wright22:1017 - Girls
Becky Wagner22:1218 - Girls
Stephanie Bach22:1619 - Girls
Cara Eagleson23:0128 - Girls

The Peoria Invitational meet had 60 teams there this year. The boys placed 10th and the girls placed 13th. When the girls varsity got to the line it started to storm so a delay on the meet was called. Once the delay was over they decided to run boys and girls varsity together. There were over 600 people at the starting line at one time and the course was mostly mud. Due to this our times were not normal. Despite all that, the teams did well.
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel16:4926 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:1346 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:4981 - Boys
Conner McKinney18:20106 - Boys
Colin Benson18:27112 - Boys
James Burk18:55144 - Boys
Kameron Hill21:39261 - Boys
Gavin Rucker19:2815 - Open
Trevor Parker20:5742 - Open
Patrick Murphy23:2078 - Open
Katie Moore20:2132 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner22:1061 - Girls
Emily Hyre23:12103 - Girls
Stephanie Bach23:12104 - Girls
Maya Wright23:58122 - Girls
Cara Eagleson24:58153 - Girls
Elsie Whewell27:57197 - Girls

At our LIC Conference meet our boys team placed 3rd and our girls team placed 1st! The girls won the first ever Conference title for Lawrenceville! The boys had a tough race but are ready to move on to our next meet. We had first place finishers in both races. Katie Moore for the Girls and Max Smigiel for the boys. Overall both teams did a great job!
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel16:231 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:2313 - Boys
Conner McKinney17:4716 - Boys
Blaine Hesler18:0321 - Boys
Kameron Hill18:2127 - Boys
James Burk18:3432 - Boys
Colin Benson18:4435 - Boys
Gavin Rucker19:2445 - Boys
Patrick Murphy21:5267 - Boys
Katie Moore19:311 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner21:2010 - Girls
Emily Hyre22:1612 - Girls
Stephanie Bach22:2313 - Girls
Maya Wright23:0018 - Girls
Becky Wagner23:0120 - Girls
Elsie Whewell26:5237 - Girls

At the Cumberland Invitational the boys team placed 4th and the girls team placed 5th! This was a huge meet with over 20 teams so we did very well. The coaches said this was possibly the windiest meet they had ever been to. We did have three guys run in the open race; Kameron Hill, Colin Benson, and Patrick Murphy. I was not given the open results however. Both teams did very well despite the wind.
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel17:148 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:3223 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:5148 - Boys
Jack Holden18:2488 - Boys
Conner McKinney18:46139 - Boys
Gavin Rucker19:00202 - Boys
James Burk19:25275 - Boys
Katie Moore21:0416 - Girls
Emily Hyre23:0954 - Girls
Stephanie Bach23:3394 - Girls
Maya Wright23:35139 - Girls
Becky Wagner23:46185 - Girls
Cara Ealeson25:03247 - Girls

At the Newton meet both of our teams placed first! The course however is not a full three miles so the times you see posted below are not actual PR's. The course is about 2.75 miles. Everyone who went to the line and started the race finished. Jack Holden was out nursing an ankle injury but should be back for Cumberland. Both of our teams did extremely well and brought home a victory!
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel 15:342 - Boys
Cole Sumner16:193 - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:204 - Boys
Conner McKinney16:245 - Boys
James Burk16:519 - Boys
Gavin Rucker17:1511 - Boys
Colin Benson17:3213 - Boys
Kameron Hill17:4116 - Boys
Trevor Parker18:5223 - Boys
Patrick Murphy20:5131 - Boys
Katie Moore 17:481 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner19:426 - Girls
EmilyHyre20:099 - Girls
Stephanie Bach20:1010 - Girls
Maya Wright21:1113 - Girls
Becky Wagner21:1414 - Girls
Cara Eagleson22:0617 - Girls
Elsie Whewell25:1028 - Girls
Shelby Russell27:3833 - Girls

At the Robinson Invitational there were 23 teams that came. The girls placed 6th and the boys placed 4th. The boys brought home a trophy! Olney beat the boys by one point which put them in third. There were 5 girls that got 22:00 minutes or under! The coaches can not remember the last time that that had happened. Overall both of the teams did very well.
                   Robinson Invitational

NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden15:514 - Boys
Max Smigiel16:249 - Boys
Cole Sumner16:4719 - Boys
Conner McKinney17:3444 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:3847 - Boys
Colin Benson18:3281 - Boys
James Burk18:3383 - Boys
Kameron Hill18:57103 - Boys
Trevor Parker20:15155 - Boys
Patrick Murphy22:14203 - Boys
Katie Moore19:5415 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner21:2145 - Girls
Becky Wagner21:4753 - Girls
Stephanie Bach21:5657 - Girls
Emily Hyre22:0059 - Girls
Maya Wright22:0967 - Girls
Shelby Russel29:29146 - Girls

At the Lawrenceville Invitational meet on Saturday the 23rd ten teams showed up. Both the Lawrenceville boys and girls teams placed first and brought home a trophy. There were no girls in the open race for any teams. Overall both of the teams did a great job!
NameTimePlace - Race
Max Smigiel16:472 - Boys
Jack Holden 16:563 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:115 - Boys
Cole Sumner18:1511 - Boys
Conner Mckinney18:5617 - Boys
James Burk18:5818 - Boys
Kameron Hill19:532 - Open
Colin Benson 20:326 - Open
Trevor Parker21:269 - Boys
Katie Moore20:171 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner22:335 - Girls
Maya Wright23:218 - Girls
Stephnie Bach23:279 - Girls
Emily Hyre24:0112 - Girls
Becky Wagner24:2516 - Girls

At the Olney meet on Saturday the 16th both teams did a great job! Katie Moore and Kameron Hill got personal record times. The boys placed 3rd and beat all of the 1A school teams and the girls placed 4th!
NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden16:307 - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:3510 - Boys
Max Smigiel 16:5615 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:3530 - Boys
Gavin Rucker17:5944 - Boys
James Burk18:4267 - Boys
Conner McKinney18:5776 - Boys
Kameron Hill19:1888 - Boys
Colin Benson20:11111 - Boys
Trevor Parker21:24150 - Boys
Katie Moore 20:367 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner22:1132 - Girls
Emily Hyre22:3740 - Girls
Maya Wright23:2347 - Girls
Stephanie Bach23:4050 - Girls
Elsie Whewell28:32102 - Girls

At the Olney Cross Country meet both our boys team and our girls team got first place! This is the first time this year that the boys have beaten Olney. We had runners place first in both races. Shelby Russell started the meet but was unable to finish. Everyone who ran got a better time than they got at the last Olney meet. Overall both teams did excellent and we are all improving!
NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden16:171 - Boys
Max Smiegiel16:302 - Boys
Blaine Hesler16:464 - Boys
Cole Sumner16:495 - Boys
Conner McKinney17:4211 - Boys
James Burk18:2114 - Boys
Colin Benson19:1218 - Boys
Kameron Hill19:2619 - Boys
Trevor Parker20:4129 - Boys
Patrick Murphy21:4833 - Boys
Katie Moore20:391 - Girls
Emily Hyre22:386 - Girls
Stephine Bach22:507 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner23:218 - Girls
Maya Wright23:219 - Girls
Becky Wagner24:0610 - Girls
Elsie Whewell27:5115 - Girls

NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden16:421 - Boys
Max Smiegiel17:353 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:534 - Boys
Cole Sumner18:265 - Boys
Conner McKinney18:547 - Boys
Gavin Rucker19:018 - Boys
James Burk19:289 - Boys
Colin Benson19:3310 - Boys
Kameron Hill19:5712 - Boys
Trevor Parker21:4324 - Boys
Katie Moore21:161 - Girls
Stephanie Bach23:123 - Girls
Maya Wright23:405 - Girls
Becky Wagner23:516 - Girls
Cara Eagleson25:408 - Girls
Elsie Whewell29:0610 - Girls

At our Lawrenceville home meet the girls got first and the boys got second, losing to Olney. Jack Holden won the boys race for the third time in a row! Emily Hyre and Shelby Russell both started the race but dropped out due to injuries. Overall both teams did very well!
NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden16:441 - Boys
Max Smiegiel17:365 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17:407 - Boys
Cole Sumner17:579 - Boys
Conner McKinney18:4814 - Boys
Gavin Rucker18:5915 - Boys
Colin Benson19:1016 - Boys
James Burk19:18NA
Kameron Hill20:39NA
Trevor Parker22:07NA
Patrick Murphy23:30NA
Katie Moore21:142 - Girls
Stephanie Bach23:334 - Girls
Maya Wright24:045 - Girls
Becky Wagner24:246 - Girls
Kyanne Waggoner24:267 - Girls
Cara Eagleson24:458 - Girls
Elsie Whewell29:1113 - Girls
NameTimePlace - Race
Jack Holden1 - Boys
Max Smiegiel8 - Boys
Blaine Hesler17 - Boys
Cole Sumner19 - Boys
Conner McKinney
25 - Boys
James Burk28 - Boys
Colin Benson35 - Boys
Kameron Hill39 - Boys
Trevor Parker56 - Boys
Patrick Murphy60 - Boys
Katie Moore4 - Girls
Emily Hyre12 - Girls
Stephanie Bach15 - Girls
Maya Wright16 - Girls
Cara Eagleson17 - Girls
Becky Wagner18 - Girls

At the Fairfield Invite both the boys team and the girls team placed second. The boys got second by seven points while the girls got second by four. Jack Holden placed first in the boys meet! Gavin Rucker and Kyanne Waggoner both started the race but had to drop out due to injuries. Katie Moore was in second place but got misguided in the last mile. Overall both teams did very well.

XC Results

Cross Country Sign-Ups Are Now In The Office!!

"God Bless, God Speed." 
- Coach William Bandy

"Use your arms, don't cross, right through here!"
- Coach John Christy

Lawrenceville Cross Country

The boys after Regionals

The Girls holding up number one after we won Regionals

The boys at the start

The Girls at the start

The runners in the rain

In this picture the girls are holding up one finger because they placed first!
Katie Moore and Max Smigiel with their first place plaques!