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Boys Basketball

Back row (Left to Right): Logan Williams, Noah Weger, Caden Daughtery, Assistant Coach Blaize Kimmel, Volunteer Assistant Daren Blair, Head Coach Randy Bishop, Assistant Coach Jeremy Brush, Manager Noah Hearn, Manager Austin Blevins, Eli Ivers, and Jarrett Winkles
Front Row (Left to Right): Skyler Tewell, Cale Powell, Christion Beamon, Connor Gray, Jordan Jones, Ryan Moore, Taylor Osmon, Zeus Marsh, Blayne Winningham, R.J. Nelms, Connor O'Dell

3Connor O'Dell5'9"11
4Christion Beamon5'11"10
5R.J. Nelms6'1"11
10Zeus Marsh6'2"11
11Skyler Tewell5'10"10
15Noah Weger6'1"10
20Eli Ivers5'1110
24Ryan Moore6'2"12
30Cale Powell5'11"10
31Logan Williams5'10"10
32Jordan Jones5'11"10
33Blayne Winningham6'3"10
35Jarrett Winkles6'1''10
40Taylor Osmon6'5"12
44Caden Daughtery6'5"10
52Connor Gray6'4"11


Annual Lawrenceville Basketball 3 on 3 Showdown!

Junior Varsity

2Eli Ivers10
4Skyler Tewell10
10Logan Williams10
13Noah Weger10
15Jarrett Winkles10
23Cale Powell10
30Ethan Kelly9
35Brayden Sherman9
52Conner Gray11
54Christion Beamon10
55Caden Daughtery10

Congrats Marty!
Indians traveled to Evansville recently for the Aces game and to celebrate the retirement of Marty Simmons's Jersey!!

Eli Ivers bringing the ball down the court.

Skyler Tewell going for a layup.

Connor O'Dell bringing the ball down the court.

Blayne Winningham going in for a layup.

Caden Daughtery looking to make a free throw. 
2Eli Ivers10
5Roman Gossett9
10Ethan Kelly9
11Logan Williams10
15Jarrett Winkles10
20Chalean Fox9
23Cale Powell10
30Hunter Scott9
32Gage Kohlhouse10
44Damon Zollers9
52Brayden Sherman9
55Caden Daughtery10

Zeus Marsh shooting a three-pointer.

           Jordan Jones shooting a free throw.

Ryan Moore looking to make a free throw

                     Christion Beamon looking focused.

       Cale Powell peering down the court.

     Ethan Kelly shooting a free throw.