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2017-2018 Band and Choir 
LHS Band

(left to right back row) Timmy Baer, Losten McGrath, Grace Shick, Erin Gartner, Jonah Burk, Mason Parrott, Abbey Metheny, Loston Harrington, Alex Simmons, Owen Atkins, James Burk, Amelia Atkins, Lindsey Waller
(2nd row) Madi Fulk, Alexis Brown, Cara Eagleson, Kourtney Gosnell, Dakota Deaton, Austin Blevins, Jada McCullough, Ly Nguyen, MaKayla Kocher, Tina Johnson, Killean Reidy, Lydia Cornwell
(3rd row) Brayden Hunt, Ethan Lake, Micheal Reidy, Shannon Brumley, Elizabeth Boyd, Jerry Dining, Graycie Sapp

Congratulations to the following people for placing in the contest on 3/3/2018!
Division 1(Superior Performance):
Madi Fulk, Vocal Solo; Jada McCullough, Vocal Solo;Elsie Whewell, Grace Shick, Alex Simmons, James Burk, Mason Parrott, Jada McCullough, Killeen Reidy, Hannah Meek, Amelia Atkins, Vocal Ensemble; Abby Metheny, Vocal Solo; Amelia Atkins, Flute Solo; Amelia Atkins, Madi Fulk, Vocal Ensemble; Lindsey Waller, Vocal Solo

Division 2(Excellent Performance):
Alex Simmons, Baritone Solo; Jada McCullough, Killeen Reidy, Vocal Ensemble; Killen Reidy, Marimba Solo; Mason Parrott, Vocal Solo; James Burk, Vocal Solo; Darian Foster, Vocal Solo; James Burk, Trombone Solo; Hannah Meek, Vocal Solo; Elsie Whewell, Vocal Solo; Breeanna McKinstry, Vocal Solo

Congratulations to James Burk and Jada McCullough for being selected for the ILMEA All State Choir!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BAND FOR PLACING 1st PLACE drum major, 2nd place percussion, and 3rd overall at the Oblong Spooktacular!

Meet the Band Director

My name is Brandon Volk I was born and raised in Olney. 
I went to school at Olney where I was in band and soccer.  After high school I went to OCC followed by Eastern Illinois University where I spent three years studying music education.  I am married, my wife's name is Aurora and I have a 10 month old daughter named Sophia.

Band Pictures
25,000 students auditioned in October...600 of those perform during this concert today, and there is a second concert this afternoon with similar number selected for honors ensembles. 2 of the 900 in the All State Choir are from Lawrenceville! 
Congrats to James Burk and Jada McCullough!



Something interesting is happening with LHS Band and Choir! They are having a fundraiser! This is our annual Century Resources fundraiser. If you would like to help support the band and choir see a member.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to donate to our Music Boosters just by buying something you need at the store? Well, now you can! Visit this website and sign up! There’s a list of places that give a donation for shopping at their store!

Band Quotes

"A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud".
- George Parks

"Marching band season starts with one step.... on your left foot"

Congratulations to Killeen (Band), Amelia (Choir), James (Choir), Madi (Choir), Jada (Choir), Grace (Coir), Alex S. (Choir), and Elsie (Choir) for being selected as participants in the Illinois Music Educators Associations District 5 Senior Music Festival Groups!

Students from LHS and Parkview attended the performance of Annie at Lincoln Trail College. Two choir members, Abbey and Elizabeth were in the show!

Images from the Competition in Robinson on 10/7/2017