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2017-2018 Band and Choir 
LHS Band

(left to right back row) Timmy Baer, Losten McGrath, Grace Shick, Erin Gartner, Jonah Burk, Mason Parrott, Abbey Metheny, Loston Harrington, Alex Simmons, Owen Atkins, James Burk, Amelia Atkins, Lindsey Waller
(2nd row) Madi Fulk, Alexis Brown, Cara Eagleson, Kourtney Gosnell, Dakota Deaton, Austin Blevins, Jada McCullough, Ly Nguyen, MaKayla Kocher, Tina Johnson, Killean Reidy, Lydia Cornwell
(3rd row) Brayden Hunt, Ethan Lake, Micheal Reidy, Shannon Brumley, Elizabeth Boyd, Jerry Dining, Graycie Sapp

Band Pictures


Band Quotes

"A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud".
- George Parks

"Marching band season starts with one step.... on your left foot"