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2016-2017 Band and Choir 
LHS Band
Brooklyn Hager
Lindsey Waller
Erin Gartner
Jada McCullough
Gracie Sapp
Lyeen Seong
Paige Tewell
Shannon Brumley
Alexis Brown
Emilia Hyre
Curtis Meek
Grace Shick
Owen Atkins
James Burk
Alex Simmons
Timmy Baer
Dakota Deaton
Kourtney Gosnell
Loston McGrath
Killeen Reidy

LHS Band Events

LIC Tournament
Left to right:
Lindsey Waller, James Burk, Killeen Reidy,
Kourtney Gosnell, Grace Shick, Gracie Sapp
Alex Simmons, Alexis Brown (Not Pictured)

LHS Band playing at the girls basketball game - 1/24/2017

"A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud".
-George Parks

"Marching band season starts with one step.... on your left foot"

                                The LHS Choir
Performing at IHSA Organizational Contest Saturday April 22. 2017
Both groups participated in IHSA Organizational Contest Saturday. Students practice about 10 minutes of music to perform for judges. Judges score them in 8 different areas of performance. Judges scores are averaged to award groups a division 1-5 (1 being Superior, 5 being Poor). Both band and choir received Division 2 (Excellent) ratings.

Meet the Band Director:

Mr. Cincotti graduated from Lyons Township High School in LaGrange, Illinois. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in music Education from 
Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, where he was a very  active participant in the university band program. Mr. Cincotti has performed at the NCAA, Men’s Basketball Tournament, a performance tour of Asia, and received an invitation to conduct at the Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra. He currently performs with the Olney Central College Community Band, Olney Cummins Municipal Band, FairField City Band, and Kaskaskia College community band. Prior to teaching in Lawrenceville, Nicholas spent two years at Edwards County CUSD #1 teaching band choir and general music. He also taught general music in Centralia, Illinois.

The high school choir sang Christmas carols at the United Methodist Village North Campus. They also visited the South Campus, where they went from room to room, visiting with the residents.