Junior High Science Class
with Mrs. Griggs 


This is the beginning of school information that students and parents need to be aware of to be successful in Science class this year.

How to make test corrections:

In order to get your points back from missed questions on a test, you have to write a correction paragraph for each question missed.

On a separate sheet of paper, number each paragraph with the test question it to which it refers. 
Do not make any corrections on your original test paper.

                                                         Sentence 1. Explain how you got confused.       
                                                        Sentence 2. Explain the text evidence you found to correct your misconception. 
                                                                            Be specific. Use quotes from the material.  Site your source.

                                                        Sentence 3 Explain how the information you found applies to the question you missed.
                                                        Sentence 4. Give the correct answer.

Staple your papers to your original test and turn it in.  

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