Teacher Biography

My name is Laura Rigby, and I am the 7th Grade Math teacher at Washington School.  This is my fifth year working with Cloverdale Unified School District and teaching math at Washington School.

I began my teaching career 14 years ago working for Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), where I taught Algebra 1 and Geometry at the high school level.  LBUSD generously provided me with two years of Effective Elements of Effective Instruction Training complete with a myriad of activities and support materials.

In May of 2014, I brought my children to Windsor on vacation.  I found Sonoma County to be a little piece of paradise, and immediately fell in love with the area.  I searched for and found a job with Cloverdale Unified School District.  I count my blessings daily that I live in this beautiful valley and in the charming town of Cloverdale.

As a teacher, I believe, it is my job to provide students with a challenging, worthwhile, and yes even enjoyable math experience. I believe that all students can be successful in understanding math, and with hard work and perseverance students can surpass their previous expectations.

This will be my third year teaching the 7th Grade Art elective, using ArtsAttack as the basis for the curriculum.

We are introducing (piloting) Illustrative Math as part of our mathematics curriculum this year.   Students will receive consumable workbooks that they will bring to class each day. 

This year 7th grade math students will be working one day a week on an online math program -- ALEKS.  ALEKS is an amazing program that assesses each student and places them at their level and then scaffolds them from there.  ALEKS will also be used as homework.  Students will be required to work for 2 hours each week (45 minutes of which will be in class time), and 75 minutes will be the week's homework.  If the students were to do their homework Monday - Thursday nights, this would break down to be approximately 19 minutes of homework a night.  However, The students begin the assignment on Monday and it is due on Sunday night at Midnight.  Consequently, they have a bit more time to complete their work than just during the school week; however, it is not recommended to work on the program for longer than 45 minutes in a sitting.  Many students have pushed further and accomplished a great deal more than the minimum expectation!  I hold a drawing at the end of the school year for all my students.  Students earn a raffle ticket for every 10% of ALEKS growth that they gain.  The prizes being 5 $25 gift cards (The Clover, Starbucks, Subway, Papa's Pizza & McDonalds).  We are very fortunate that the District has purchased this program for this students again this year -- let's show them how well it supports our kids!  www.ALEKS.com

If students are having difficulties with my class or want clarification or assistance on any material, I will be available in my classroom during lunch on Thursdays and by appointment for after school timeframes.  If you have any concerns, please come and talk to me -- student success is very important to me! 

For both students and parents, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at school

 (894-1940 ext. 1958) or by email rigbyl@cusd.org.

Eagle Walk the last Wednesday of every month to  increase student and staff wellness, to counter-balance increased screen-time, and school-wide community collaborative event.

Ms. Rigby's Contact information:
Phone:  (707) 894-1940 Ext. 1958

Class Schedule:
Period 1:  7th Grade Math
Period 2:  Preparation Period
Period 3:  7th Grade Math
Period 4:  7th Grade Math
Period 5:  ArtsAttack - Art Elective
Period 6:  7th Grade Math

Regular Schedule
Period 1     8:05 - 9:03
Period 2    9:06 - 10:03
Break      10:03 - 10:17
Period 3    10:20 - 11:17
Period 4    11:20 - 12:17
Lunch      12:17 - 1:00
Period 5    1:03 - 2:00
Period 6    2:03 - 3:00

Wednesday Schedule
Period 1     8:05 - 8:47
Period 2    8:50 - 9:32
Period 3    9:35 - 10:17
Break      10:17 - 10:30
Period 4    10:33 - 11:15
Period 5    11:18 - 12:00
Lunch      12:00 - 12:42
Period 6    12:45 - 1:25

Minimum Day Schedule
Period 1     7:55 - 8:28
Period 2    8:31 - 9:03
Period 3    9:06 - 9:38
Break      9:38 - 9:51
Period 4    9:54 - 10:26
Period 5    10:29 - 11:01
Lunch      11:01 - 11:37
Period 6    11:40 - 12:20

Assembly Schedule
Period 1     8:05 - 8:53
Period 2    8:56 - 9:42
Break      9:42 - 9:55  
Period 3    9:58 - 10:44
Period 4    10:37 - 11:33
Period 5    11:26 - 12:12
Lunch      12:12 - 12:54
Period 6    12:57 - 1:43
Assembly  1:48 - 2:45

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