Course Description:

Students will learn Algebra by doing Algebra. They will investigate real-life contexts through project-based activities to be able to develop a rich understanding of important mathematics that makes sense to them and enable them to relate to new situations and problems.

 The course will provide students with tools and ways of thinking that are necessary for solving problems. Problem situations may result in all types of linear equations in one variable, quadratic functions with integral coefficients and roots as well as absolute value and exponential functions.  Coordinate geometry will be integrated into the investigation of these functions allowing students to make connections between their analytical and geometrical representations.  Problem situations resulting in systems of equations will also be presented.  Measurement within a problem-solving context will include calculating rates using appropriate units and converting within measurement systems.  Data analysis including measures of central tendency and visual representations of data will be studied.  An understanding of correlation and causation will be developed and reasonable lines of best fit will be used to make predictions.  Students will solve problem situations requiring Pythagorean theorem and right triangle trigonometry. Elementary probability theory will be used to determine the probability of events including independent, dependent and mutually exclusive events.

Mrs. Lawson's Contact Information:
894-1900 ext 1914

Mrs. Lawson's Classes:
1st. Period: Algebra 1
2nd. Period: Algebra 1
3rd. Period: Algebra 1 
4th. Period: Algebra 1
6th. Period: Algebra 2
7th. Period: Prep