Jefferson School 4th grade

Welcome to 4th grade at Jefferson School! I am excited to be working with you and your child this year!

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 Mrs. Conway & Mrs. Giovannoni- Room #28

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday
8:10am    Welcome!
8:20am    ALP
9:15am    ELA
10:15am  Recess
10:35am  Read Aloud/Spelling
11:12am  STEAM
12:04pm  Math
12:30pm  Lunch
1:10pm    Math/AR
2:35pm    PE
3:00pm    Dismissal

8:10am    Welcome!
8:20am    Math
10:15am  Recess
10:35am  Read Aloud, ELA, Social Studies
12:20pm  Lunch
1:05pm    Dismissal

Discipline Plan 

School & Class Rules:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

Positive Consequences:

  • Verbal praise
  • Individual names on “Flying with the Eagles” page
  • Small group sticker chart & rewards
  • Class wide rewards

Negative Consequences:

  • One verbal warning
  • Name on the board
  • Check mark - Behavior Map filled out. One recess will be spent on the wall.
  • 2 checks in one day- Parent notification
  • 3 checks in one day –Principal notification
  • A 5 minute time out may be given immediately for any disruptive behavior
  • An immediate principal referral will be given for physical mistreatment of another student or extreme disrespect of anyone.

Procedures:Use the restroom and get drinks, during recess whenever possible.  During class, ask for permission to go, and when granted, put the hall pass on your desk. One girl, or boy, at a time. Please sharpen pencils at the beginning of the school day. Otherwise, get a pencil from the pencil can or borrow one from a neighbor.

When lining up there is no “giving cuts,” pushing, shoving, name calling or any other disrespectful behavior.  If there is, all students involved will go to the end of the line.

When headed to lunch, we line up in ABC order.
Completing homework is students’ and parents’ responsibility.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday and occasionally over the weekend. Class work that is not completed in class is also considered homework.

Homework sheets are due on the last day of the week with a parent signature.  Math homework pages will be sent home each day with the day's lesson, in the Math folder.

Plan de disciplina - Aula #28

Sra. Conway y Sra. Giovannoni


*Sea seguro

* Comporta con respeto

* Comporta con responsibilidad

Consecuencias Positivas

*Alabanza verbal

*Nombre en el pagina de “Flying with Eagles”

*Cartelon de  calcomanias 

Consecuencias Negativas

*1 advertencia ultima

* Nombre en el pared

* Use el tiempo de recreo para Behavior Map  

* notificacion de padres

* notificacion de directora

Tarea  es la responsibilidad de los estudiantes y padres.  Demos las tareas cada lunes.  El ultimo dia de la semana necesita retornar los papeles con la firma de sus padres.

Use el bano durante de su tiempo de recreo.

Haga la fila con respeto.  Si no, tiene que pasar al fin de la fila.