You have reached the website of Lauren Morgan, an English teacher at Cloverdale High School.  It has been my  good fortune to be a teacher at  Cloverdale High School for many years.  Working with my students is very rewarding.  

My classes are structured so that all students can succeed.  In class, students work with a pair-share and with a group.  Each day's work is on the board, and in a notebook in the back of the room.  To further assist students,  I am available before school if a student wants extra help.  Please let me know ahead of time.

Please contact me at the high school if you have any questions.

Ms. Morgan's Contact Information:
894-1900 x1836

Ms. Morgan's Classes:
1st. Period, AS English I
2nd. Period, English I
3rd. Period, English II
6th. Period, English I
7th. Period, English I