You have reached the web site of Joe Dobbins, English and Drama teacher at Cloverdale High School.

I have been working at Cloverdale High School since 1992.  I truly enjoy working with our fantastic faculty, wonderful students, and the very supportive Cloverdale community.  I have taught English every year and began teaching Drama in 2010.  I have also taught a few classes in the social studies department over the years.  I coached track and field for 14 years, and I am currently an advisor for two clubs and the senior class.

Please feel free to contact me at the high school with any questions or concerns.

If you are a student looking for my Google Classrooms, please log on to your district Google account with your username ( and your password.

Mr. Dobbins' contact information:
(707) 894-1907

Mr. Dobbins' Classes:

1st Period         English 4
2nd Period       Prep Period
3rd Period        Honors English 2
4th Period        Honors English 4
6th Period        English 4
7th Period        Drama/Advanced Drama 

Advisor for Senior Class, Interact Club, Drama Club, and AVFS Junior Film Society