School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)

All public schools in California is required by state law to annually prepare and publish a School Accountability Report Card (SARC), by February 1 of each year. The SARCs are intended to provide the public with important information about the condition and performance of each California public school and to communicate a school’s progress in achieving its goals.

State and federal laws require specific items to be reported in the following categories: demographic information; school safety and climate for learning; academic data; school completion; class size; teacher and staff information; curriculum and instruction; postsecondary preparation; and fiscal and expenditure data.  Please note that SARCs reflect data from the previous year.

For more information about SARC requirements, see the California Department of---Education (CDE) SARC Web page at

For additional information about the school, parents and community members should contact the school principal.  If you would like a printed copy of the SARC please contact the school office or the district office.

Data Quest

DataQuest is an online data tool located on the CDE DataQuest Web page ( that contains additional information about this school and comparisons of the school to the district, the county, and the state. Specifically, DataQuest is a dynamic system that provides reports for accountability, test data, enrollment, high school graduates, dropouts, course enrollments, staffing, and data regarding English learners.