WELCOME to Mr. Cadiente's class website.  Apologies to anyone offended by this page.  My site was hacked and some things were added not by me. Within this site you will find your class assignments, quizzes, and exam calendar.  You will also find useful links to valuable resources.  Please check this site for additional useful information about our class.

My son Ap0ll0 and I returning from Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth.

It's going to be a great school year! I am looking forward to academically challenging my students and building lasting relationships in the classroom!

Please use this website to see what we are learning in each chapter, check what the homework assignments are, and explore the Big Ideas textbook website. There is also information on upcoming chess club, robotics club, and MESA events along with links to support you.

Classroom number P5
email:  gcadiente@cusd.net
cell:  (602) 999-3664
school:  (805) 684-4107

period 1: Math 1
period 2: AP Computer Science Principals
period 3: Math 1
period 4: Math 1
period 5: prep
period 6: Math 1

period 7: Extended Learning